NBA Suspends Nets Coach for 2 Games as a Result of DUI Charge

The New York Times had an article on the Brooklyn Net’s coach, Jason Kidd, and his situation of pleading guilty to drinking and driving.  As a result of his drinking and driving case, the National Basketball League announced that Kidd will be suspended for the first two games of the season. A quote in the article stated, “The decision is consistent with what the league has done in the past,” Nets general manager Billy King said in a statement. I think that this type of punishment on a coach in the NBA is for the league to suggest that they still have to abide by laws implemented by the government. I think it also sends a message to the fans that the league does not support behaviors such as drinking and driving and there must be consequences for it. I think this consequence implemented on Kidd is a message sent from the league that being a well known coach in the NBA holds a type of power status, but the laws of the land still apply to people of power. The NBA has a reputation to uphold and there must be consequences for illegal behavior.  Although this incident happened outside of Kidd’s work as a coach, he still represents the NBA and therefore, the NBA must take a public stance of their opinions on behaviors such as this. Ultimately, the NBA did take a stance by saying they do not agree with it and the consequence is a two game suspension. As Billy King’s stated, this suspension is consistent with what they have done in the past.  This suggests that the NBA has had situations like this before and they must have policies implemented in order to deal with circumstances like this.  Therefore, Kidd’s suspension is a result of the NBA following their policies in order to uphold an image to media and fans that they do not support illegal behaviors and there are consequences in the league to address such behaviors. I think a suspension for this behavior is a good policy that the league has because it portrays the leagues opinion that they are in disagreement with illegal actions and that they want there to be tough consequences for these actions, no matter how much power one holds within the league.

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5 Responses to NBA Suspends Nets Coach for 2 Games as a Result of DUI Charge

  1. bozceko13 says:

    Great post, I definitely agree with you that the league is correct in suspending Jason Kidd for his careless actions. However, I do not believe that the 2 game suspension is enough due to the fact that Jason Kidd is a coach. As a coach you have certain responsibilities to uphold because the young players in the league look up to you, especially if you are a top-3 point guard of all time. Jason Kidd accepted the role of head coach and he has to accept all the roles and responsibilities that come with the position and when you are making bonehead mistakes that put lives in danger and also some young players might think it’s cool because their hero was drinking and driving so they will do it too. I personally believe that he should have received a longer suspension, somewhere around 10 games just so the NBA can make an example out of him and show the players and coaches that careless actions will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

    Marked – SE

  2. belinahooper says:

    I completely agree with the decision the NBA has made regarding this matter. Many people look up to these individuals as role models, and to hear things like Kidd being suspended for a DUI outside of the court is unacceptable. They need to keep these rules implemented so that the likely occurrence of it happening is less.

    Marked – SE

  3. cm10hu says:

    I don’t fully agree with the punishment handed down. I feel it was right for the NBA to take its own action considering Jason Kidd’s status and the spotlight on the league. But, considering the other fines and suspensions you hear about in the sport world this seems so minimal. Almost as if this was not as big of a deal – yet alcohol impaired drivers are involved in accidents causing 30 deaths per day in the US alone. Again, more should have been done but at least the NBA does have a policy in place to deal with these issues.

    Marked – SE

  4. kjrdavis14 says:

    I do agree with the NBA and its decision. The NBA is a National viewed league that has millions of fans. Every player, coach, official, team and so on is a representation of the NBA and what it is about. When any member of the league acts out of line or cross a line that negatively effects the brand or image of your league actions have to be taken in order so it does not happen on a consistent basis. Jason Kidd is a big name and face in the NBA that should know better and what is at stake.

    Marked – SE

  5. kd09ch says:

    This is a vary interesting blog and I do agree that Kidd should of been punished. However I feel as though his punishment should of been more extreme like a fine and should have been suspended for more than just 2 games. Regardless of Kidds history in the league and being a new coach I feel as though the NBA gave him a slap on the wrist. Drinking and driving is a huge issue in our society and endangers everyone on the road. Jason Kidd is known throughout the league and now being a coach he should know better and should have a more severe punishment to set an example for new players and members throughout the league.

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