Public Value of Sport Approach

The purpose of the research in Brookes and Wiggan’s article “Reflecting the Public Value of Sport” was to explore how a public value approach could inform measurement of the wider social, economic and physical benefits of sport. They explored the potential to create a public value vision moving from “sport for sports sake” and more towards “sport for the greater good.” Brookes and Wiggan argued that public value still provides potential for public leadership to reconcile the goals of multiple stakeholders, including funding bodies and local citizens and representatives. After reading this article, I found the quote “to have public value, the public must not only want something, but must also be prepared to give something up in return.  This includes resources through taxation, possibly at the expense of the provision of another service,” quite interesting.  Although many people would agree that sport provides greater public values such as health, education, cohesiveness etc. I don’t know if people would accept giving up resources through taxation at the expense of another service to gain greater public value in sport. In addition, something that I did not quite understand after reading this article was will the attempt to build public value of sport through addressing the goals of funding bodies, local citizens and representatives result in too broad of expectations?  I feel that considering the goals of multiple stakeholders may create too many expectations that are actually unattainable and therefore, might ultimately take away from a definitive public value of sport approach.

What are your opinions on the public value approach? Do you think it is a meaningful outlook to consider?

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1 Response to Public Value of Sport Approach

  1. belinahooper says:

    I feel that one of the main reasons as to why the public struggles with “giving something up in return” has a great part of the current financial situation we are in. I feel that a lot of people already struggle financially and coughing up another few hundred to thousand dollars a year on sport is just another expense that they may feel they don’t get much out of. It is a lot easier to look at the negatives of a situation than it is positive, which is why i believe that some people really struggle with this.

    Marked – SE

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