The power of sport voices– But are they being silenced now?

The power of sport is obviously very strong. In Zirin’s book Game Over he discusses the power sport can have in a community. The example he discusses was when the Green Bay Packers owners- the community stood up for the public workers who were being targeted. The community, the players and so many more spoke out against this injustice and it had a huge impact.

If it weren’t for sport perhaps this movement wouldn’t have been as effective. Sport offers a strong, large, global avenue for which issues can be addressed. It has been a platform for athletes such as Tommie Smith & John Carlos. Zirin talks about how their actions in 1968 werw much like the #occupy movements that were occurring in 2011, sport became a huge platform for these movements and Green Bay and Lambeau Field were just a part of these movements.

Athletes much like celebrities should be able to voice their opinions about political injustices, or even just simple issues that are close to their heart. I wish I had the ability to affect as many people as these people do when it came to addressing certain issues. I want to link this to the whole debate about the SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympic Games. I do not see why in 2013 athletes are trying to be silenced for voicing their opinion, I personally do not agree with this.

I also just read an article about how Mario Balotelli may be the main reason that the Italian team will have a social media ban for the next world cup after he made some remarks based off of an article written about the team. I do not feel what he said was so negative, and horrible that they need to place a ban on social media for the team.

I understand that sport organizations have images they would like to uphold, or that they believe that athletes should go, compete and that is it- however I think people still need to realize that they are human and will have opinions about things, and since they have a platform that is so globally available- I say why not use it!


Zirin, D. (2013). Game over: How politics has turned the sports world upside down. New York: The New Press.

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2 Responses to The power of sport voices– But are they being silenced now?

  1. belinahooper says:

    Very good write ! I totally agree with this. I don’t think anyone, athlete or not, should have their opinions silenced. In some cases, if they want athlete’s opinions to be silenced, then stop interviewing them and asking for their opinions ! It makes no sense. On the other hand, there are the athletes that are voicing their opinions over social media, which is definitely acceptable. It’s what everybody else does, but because they’re an “athlete” that has some sort of “impression” on people, they’re the ones that suffer the consequences.

    Thanks for posting !

    Marked – SE

  2. Athletes opinions and voices always have a place to be heard no matter who the athlete is, or what comment is being made by them. After all, they are human just like every single person on this planet and they have the right to say what they need to say. However, due to the fact that they are athletes and have a variety of individuals in a bunch of different age groups looking up to them is why they need to be careful about what they say as they are role models for young sport fans. Athletes opinions should never be silenced and I agree with this post!

    Marked – SE

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