Callaway’s new X Cage-Vibe golf shoe, legal or illegal?

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Callaway Footwear division just started working with the Italian footwear company Vibram and Superfeet who specializes in insoles and inserts. Together the three companies were able to create the new Callaway X Cage-Vibe spikeless golf shoe.

This new shoe is customized both inside and out in order to help keep the body in proper alignment during the swing. Superfeet have customized the insoles into having a deep heel cup, which stabilizes the foot to keep that proper alignment throughout your swing. Vibram is known for their shoes that look like glove for the foot and they have created this XSTrek durable rubber compound that is along the sole of the shoe. This compound is supposed to maintain footing during the swing as you transfer your weight, while still remaining comfortable. While Callaway adds it’s Triangulation Traction technology to ensures that there are three points on contact with the ground during the swing. They have also included the feature of thermoplastic polyurethane, which provides both flexibility and durability.

Now I am not trying to say that this new shoe is illegal and for the average golfer it may actually be able to shave a couple strokes off the handicap. But since the PGA Tour is in the midst of taking out the belly putter but it creates an unfair advantage, and these new shoes are just hitting the market, I pose the question do you think one company may make this shoe that is so unbelievably beneficial that it makes an unfair advantage for the golfers that are sponsored by this company and get to wear them and the PGA Tour will be forced to make a rule regarding them?

I know it sounds pretty farfetched to think that a single pair of golf shoes could benefit someone so much that the PGA Tour must change a rule, but hey with the constant rule changes and search for equality you never know!

Golf Canada. (2013, October 21). Callaway X Cage-Vibe golf shoe. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved

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4 Responses to Callaway’s new X Cage-Vibe golf shoe, legal or illegal?

  1. kjrdavis14 says:

    I do not feel one day a golf shoe will be deemed illegal. The bottom line is technology is advancing rapidly and new product enhancements are changing sports equipment daily. Sports have a rich history an tradition which still can still be kept through the way the game is played. The equipment of the game will continue to change, grow and evolve for the better and the sport will have to allow this to happen for the advancement and growth of the game or technology will continue to evolve leaving the sport behind.

    Marked – SE

  2. If the shoe is made to help with alignment then in the rules of golf that equipment is illegal because it is basically a practice aid during tournament play. However, this shoe seems like it will be a great benefit for average golfers who are looking to help out their game. PGA Tour players will most not use this product anyways because at their skill level it doesn’t seem like something they will need
    Marked – SE

  3. mloschiavo7 says:

    I do not think that this golf shoe should be classified as illegal. I think this because, anybody can wear the shoe. At the end of the day it’s up to your personal choice and preference. If an athlete sponsored by Nike wants to wear them but they can’t, then Nike should either make a pair or give them permission to wear them because if this shoe will really does what it says, than it may become an unfair advantage. The main idea here is that the shoe is readily available to all the professional golfers which gives them all an opportunity to either use them or not use them based on their specific reasons. The playing field is fair in a case like this.

    Marked – SE

  4. rb10lh says:

    I feel that this shoe is illegal and will be illegal on the PGA tour, because like what the original poster said, they are eliminating belly putters on the tour based on a new policy for the 2016 golf season. In time once these shoes become more common, policies on local courses will take note and adjust their policies as well.

    Marked – SE

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