All-Star Games: Why do they still exist?

All-Star Games: Why do they still exist?

Throughout the past few years the all-star Games in professional sports have lost a significant amount of interest.  This has caused many fans, players and managers to debate if they should even exist.  Each major sport league has implemented new rules and competitions in order to restore interest.  All-star games were originally implemented by Major League Baseball in the 1930’s to allow fans to see players for the first time that played in different conferences.  Now with cable and satellite packages the average fan can see these star players at almost any time.  These games have clearly lost their allure so the question is why do they still exist?

Yes All Star Games may have become a gimmick; yeah they might not have the same appeal that they once did, and right-e-o athletes probably don’t enjoy attending them as much as they once did.  But the fact of the matter is that they still have immense value to each league and it is ridiculous to think that they’re going anywhere in the coming future.

The games are still FUN! People need to stop looking at all the negatives aspects and start considering some of the positives.  Even if you don’t think they are interesting there are still many people out there who find it exciting.  Obviously every facet of all-star weekend won’t be interesting to every audience; these days the games are focused towards the younger crowd.  I remember as a kid I would look forward to gimmick competitions like the slam dunk contest and the home run derby for weeks.  Now I still watch to see players from different teams play together; it’s interesting to see rival players developing chemistry throughout the game.  The games have aspects built for every type of viewer; I think the league just has to do a better job in pointing it out.

Ultimately these games won’t disappear solely on the fact that they are a good economic investment for both the league and the city that runs it.   The games are a great economic opportunity for host city; it allows them to establish the league brand in that city.  The people of the city are brought into the all-star game excitement first hand.  Having the game in some cities could help the team establish itself within the population.  People may gain a sense of civic pride towards the team and it could help turn the non-fan into a casual fan.  This is important for teams with dwindling support because it could help them re-establish interest in their product.

This past MLB baseball all-star game in New York was the most successful and profitable in years.  It still sold out and that even was after a 50% increase in ticket prices. All of these profits went directly to the MLB. New York was not complaining though Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that the event had an economic impact of $191.5 million on the city.  Even the Pro Bowl which is known as the biggest disgrace of all the games was very profitable.  The Pro Bowl also killed it with television ratings with 12.5 million people tuning in.

The skeptics need to understand that the potential value and opportunity for these games is enormous.  The leagues just need to find a way to cash in on some of this potential.  I believe that they should limit the amount on the roster.  This will help them redefine the word star in all-star.  There are so many players selected for the all-star teams it is unbelievable to think that players would believe being selected is an honour. For example the pro bowl should only take one quarterback per team.  The game is not overly physical so there is no need to have backups in the game.  If there was a freak injury then it would be interesting to see a wide receiver or a line man utilized outside of their position.   The bottom line is although the all-star games need some improvement they are here to stay.


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6 Responses to All-Star Games: Why do they still exist?

  1. deeechong says:

    I definitely agree with your take on the all-star game. It definitely is an event geared towards the younger crowd. It is a fun way to celebrate the game that they love once a year, see their favourite players play all at the same time and together, and see them in various competitions testing their skills and abilities.

    The All-Star game is a great thing for players to strive to get to as it looks good on them, their team (city), and status/name within the league. In terms of the All-star game city holder, it is a time for great marketing for their city, a chance to bring in big name celebrities, and other tourists willing to pay to witness the All-star game. For example, The 2016 NBA All-star game announced not too long ago hosted by super music phenomena Drake will be held in Toronto. This will bring great positive and overwhelming attention to the city of Toronto and Canada even.

    Although the All-star games have lost their value over the years in terms of competition and excitement it is a yearly event that brings many positive things for all of those involved and fans who love the game.

    Marked – SE

  2. jr09gx says:

    I also share the same opinion as you about All-Star games. All-Star games are important to any major league sport. It is a way for fans to interact with the best players in the league and have the opportunity to watch them all in the same arena or field showing off their individual talents or working together as a team. I think it is also important for cities that host them, not only does it create a good economic opportunity but allows the local team to gain more fans, this benefits both the league and the team that is hosting it. The positives definitely out way the negatives, and that is why the All-Star game will remain as a yearly event.

    Marked – SE

  3. Yeah, I agree with this opinion. All-Star games are a joke but they are important to the major leagues. It’s pretty awesome to see big rivals like Crosby and Ovechkin get the opportunity to play on the same team. Everybody knows that the games are not going to be competitive like a normal game (except for baseball where it actually matters) and that’s okay because there are more positives than negatives when it comes to All-Star games.

    Marked – SE

  4. cgibb77 says:

    Very good post. I agree completely and ultimately all star weekend boils down to one reason in todays world, money. If money can be made, why not continue to host and keep the same events on-going. I argue that profits will begin to decline in these events, and that is when the leagues will be forced to change the events to stregthen fan involvement.

    For me, baseball is the only allstar game I will watch. The game has world series home field advantage implications and that gives the players motivation to perform. Mind you, baseball isn’t the most physical sport out of the big 4 leagues, making this an option. Teams want to protect their “all-star” players and this will never change.

    I agree with your point about having fewer players be named all stars. This should be a prestigous honour and one the players seek to obtain. It should not be a burdon that the athletes have to give up a weekend because they are an all-star, they should seek this prestigous title.

    Great post, !
    Marked – SE

  5. rb10lh says:

    This is a great post, I 100% agree with you. All star games are for the fans, and mostly the younger ones. They can still charge a lot, because they are still watching the best players of whatever respective sport that is being watched regardless of format (east vs west or fantasy draft approach). They will never go away, although they may get less air time as time goes on. It is still a great source of economic income for the hosting city!

    Marked – SE

  6. kd09ch says:

    I think that all star weekends have lost a bit of their touch but are still very important in the major leagues. it gives a chance for players to come together and entertain the fans. this can be through the all star game or the events like the slam dunk contest in the NBA.Not only is the all star weekends good for the fans but for the athletes as well to come together so that they can entertain the fans and have a good time without it being fully competitive. I will always find it amazing to watch the NBA all star game where we get to these the best in the world play against each other!

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