FIghting in Hockey

Fighting in hockey especially in the NHL is a very big debate right now. Should it be a part of the game? Should it be banned? It is a debate that has been going on since the first game of the regular season. Ensuring that all players are safe within the NHL is a very important part of the league and it is always hard to watch when you see a player go down hard and be taken off on a stretcher. The NHL has had a number of big named executives make comment about fighting in the NHL, including Steve Yzerman, who believes that fighting is unnecessary and should be banned for player safety reasons

However a few years ago, the NHL did a poll of the players and found that around 98% of the players stated that fighting should be a part of the game. That being said, these players know the consequences of fighting and still continue to drop the gloves. A number of people who are in favour of keeping fighting use the argument that “it is part of the game and wouldn’t be the same with out it.” I agree with this to a certain extent, however you could also argue that for a long time, wearing a helmet wasn’t “part of the game” but now it seems idiotic to not wear a helmet in an NHL game, or any form of hockey for that matter. Rules change in sport, and will continue to do so. It doesn’t necessarily take away from the “history of the game” but improves the game for the players, fans, and organizations.

The NHL wants to ensure safety for their players and if banning fighting is going to be a big step in improving the player safety than so be it. I am a fan of fighting but I understand the views of people who want to take it out. It is often an unnecessary part of the game which can add a small bit of excitement to see a player who plays less than 5 minutes of ice time punch another guy in the face for about a minute. So although I do enjoy seeing a good fight, it is always really hard to see a player taken off on a stretcher and potentially never play the game again.

After seeing what happened to George Parros in the first game of the NHL regular season against Colton Orr, it is understandable why the people want to see fighting banned. Although a number of people state that it was a freak accident, things like this happen, and the NHL has started to improve the rules by trying to have players keep their helmets on during a fight otherwise they will be given minor penalties on top of their five minute majors.

So I’ll leave it with this question, do you believe that fighting should be a part of the NHL? and if so what could the NHL do in order to ensure that the fights are as safe as possible.

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3 Responses to FIghting in Hockey

  1. kjrdavis14 says:

    I feel there is a place in the NHL for fighting. I think it has been a part of the game forever, helps police cheap shots on the ice, and can act as a momentum swing or boost throughout the course of a game. Majority of the people in the game see a purpose of fighting and I do not see it going anywhere. The NHL is in a tough spot as it would be very difficult to tell strong grown men that they cannot fight after they have been used to it in the game since they started.

    Marked – SE

  2. bozceko13 says:

    Fighting in hockey is the most unnecessary and pointless thing that I have ever seen in any sport. Hockey is the only sport where talent-less goons can make millions of dollars. When I watch a sport I want to see the best players in the world playing their hearts out and showcasing all their talents, I do not need to see a guy skating around head-hunting superstars. It does not make sense to me that people will applaud fights in hockey but then cringe and cry when something like the George Parros incident happens, it is bound to happen when fighting is allowed and it will continue to happen until fighting is totally removed from the sport. The only way fighting in hockey can be made safer is if the players are given those giant foam hulk hands and even then there’s a chance of a guy hitting his head of the ice. In the next few years I would really love to see fighting totally out of hockey, just maybe then I could see myself being a fan of hockey.

    Great blog Eric!!

    Marked – SE

  3. deeechong says:

    I can vouch for everyone as well as myself that fighting is never a good thing, but in regards to this issue in the realms of hockey it definitely is a part of the game of hockey! It is a competitive sport. When a player interacts with other players on the ice at a very high speed physical contact is bound to happen. At times this can cause contact to the wrong nerve or even injury towards the player being hit. The physical contact is one of the main reasons why individuals watch the NHL in the first place. Ever since hockey has been a sport fighting has been involved along with it. You can almost say that fighting is apart of its culture. Taking fighting out of hockey can be equivalent to the Superbowl out of football or dunks out of basketball. There are certain things you can’t change in a sport.

    Marked – SE

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