Fighting in the Hockey: Going Anywhere

Fighting in hockey has been around and aloud since the beginning and is recognized as another part of the game when asking those involved with hockey whether that be players, coaches, managers, owners, fans and so on. The concept of fighting in the hockey is one that has been debated very heavily over the past few years. The sport has had to deal with a lot of controversy regarding head shots, concussions, and player safety all leading or tying back to this notion of fighting.

Many people feel by eliminating fighting you would lower the number of injuries or chance of  injury to say the least. Understandably if you are in a fight you risk injury and have a chance of getting hurt. You have a chance of getting hurt by just playing the game threw receiving or giving hits, blocking shots, and engaging in the rough battles hockey offers. The fact is that all the players involved in the game and the fighting are well aware of what they are getting themselves into by even signing up for hockey.

The players and the coaches like or allow the fighting to police the game and not let cheap shots go un noticed. Players feel a rougher more dirtier game could appear without the policing through fighting. The fans view the fighting as an entertainment factor and a fight usually always has the whole arena standing. The owners like or allow the fighting because everyone else likes or enjoys it and it helps put people into the seats and fill the arena’s on a nightly bases which ultimately equals revenue. The players involved in fighting understand the aspect of it and take it very serious. George Perros for example, an NHL tough guy as well as an Ivey League Princeton University graduate could of done a lot of things after school but chose to make a career as an NHL enforcer. These players are smart and are all in the NHL for a reason and they taker pride in serving their purpose, a role that only certain men or players can handle.

Essentially, Everyone who wants fighting out of hockey for the most part does not see how it has been apart of the game for so long or does not agree with the notion of the players also policing themselves and the game out there. In the end though too many people close to and apart of the sport of hockey today see a purpose in fighting and like the concept of it still involved in the game and that is why we will continue to see it as it is not going anywhere soon. What do you think?


Friesen, K. (2013, 10 16). Hockey fights aren’t going anywhere. Yorkton This Week. Retrieved from

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One Response to Fighting in the Hockey: Going Anywhere

  1. mloschiavo7 says:

    I believe that fighting in hockey is more so viewed as an entertainment or profit-making factor. Mainly because you said that fighting in hockey is very appealing and entertaining to the fans and fills seats. However, thinking outside of profit and money, is fighting in hockey serving any purpose other than to stop the fluency of the game because two egotistical players need to battle it out? If a game had no fans, would there be more or less hockey fights? Sometime I tend to believe that sports/entertainment are not true to the game anymore and just display a type of staged performance only because they are all profit driven and the sport no longer stays true to it’s origin.

    Marked – SE

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