NHL No Tuck Rule

The NHL has recently implemented a few new rules which have already started to make an impact on the 2013-2014 season. The rule that I was most surprised about was the jersey tuck rule. As of now, the league officials will be enforcing this rule by warning or penalizing players for having their jersey tucked into the back of their pants.

Whether you agree or disagree with this rule, I think the NHL should be focusing on more important matters instead of penalizing players that either accidently or purposely have their jersey tucked in their pants. This penalty is referred to as a “delay of game” penalty instead of an “equipment violation.” It should be called what it is. As an equipment violation penalty, it will now be showing up on the game sheet just as if the player played the puck over the boards in their defensive, instead of saying what it truly is – an equipment violation.

Some NHL players have already weighed in on what they think of this new rule. The majority of the comments made are obviously about their irritation with the rule and how it’s being implemented. In addition to the wrong classification of this new rule, I believe that players should be able to have their own personal flair on their equipment, as it creates an identity; similar to how Wayne Gretzky tucked his jersey in.

The questions we should all be asking ourselves are, “Does an NHL hockey player having their jersey tucked in really have too constitute a penalty?”,  and “Is having a jersey tucked in really going to make a difference on the ice to make a team suffer for it in the end?” In the end, it is not giving the player an advantage over the other by having their jersey tucked in.

This new penalty has the ability to cost a team a valuable win to gain a playoff position, or win a playoff game. It would seem dumb to implement a new policy that has no effect on the players safety while still costing the teams valuable time; and, ensuring that their jersey is properly un-tucked is probably the last thing these players should have on their mind during play.

If the NHL jerseys served marketing purposes for teams and the league, I could see the value of having this rule. But since the NHL does not have marketing on team jerseys, why is this a big enough deal to make it a penalty. The league should be focusing on more important issues such as preventing concussions and increasing player safety, not these meaningless rules that penalize a player and team for a jersey malfunction or player choosing to have it tucked.

Rush, C. and McGran, k.(2013). NHL Makes Fashion Statement: No-tuck Rule Enforced. Thestar.com.

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4 Responses to NHL No Tuck Rule

  1. kjrdavis14 says:

    I also was surprised by this rule when I saw it come out. I do not like it and think there are bigger and more critical areas around the league that the NHL could focus on to improve the game. In my opinion I do not feel they jersey have an outcome in the final score and therefore are irrelevant other then separating opposing teams. Also as a fan I like seeing the various players different styles and loved how famous Wayne made the jersey tuck. That is why I believe this is one rule we could look at again.

    Marked – SE

  2. deeechong says:

    Although whether or not a NHL player has their jersey tucked in or not has a factor with competition, at the end of the day its a rule being implemented. The NHL is a worldwide aired televised program they are a professional organization and should present themselves to the public in that manner. Therefore looking at it from a professional perspective I can definitely see why they decided to implement such rule. Just like going to a business meeting or interview, you are required to dress like a professional, looking in that sense personally it makes sense.

    Marked – SE

  3. ericfoster11 says:

    I agree I think that it is a pretty silly rule. There are currently some major issues in the NHL (i.e. dangerous headshots, concussions, and fighting) the jersey tuck rule does not help solve any of those important issues. I don’t believe that tucking your jersey in constitutes a penalty especially considering the fact that a large enough jersey will tuck itself in when skating back and fourth down the ice. It just gives more power to the referees and leaving them to make the judgment of what a penalty is, and a jersey tuck, in my opinion shouldn’t give the other team an advantage.

    Marked – SE

  4. cgibb77 says:

    Definitely agree that there are more relevant issues and concerns facing the league. The jersey tuck can give a player an identity, an identity fans can and will associate with. Looking back at former Toronto Maple Leafs players, 1 player comes to mind who arguably was a 2nd- 3rd line presence, Sergei Berezin. Some players rely on an image to become fan favourites, owners seek benefits from jersey sales, which ultimately can help their chances to keep in the lineup. Unfortunately, safety concerns are at the fore front of all debate in today’s society.
    Great post

    Marked – SE

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