The NFL goes to London

The NFL announced today that there will be THREE games played in London for next year’s NFL season. Am I the only one who think’s this is a bad idea in a fan’s perspective?

In the NFL’s eyes, I can understand perfectly why they continue to go to London and try to brand the game as much as they can globally but I don’t like it at all. For all of those Jacksonville Jaguars fans out there (if there are any) their team has to sacrifice four ‘home’ games for the next four seasons. For the Jaguars this is probably a good thing because at the way that team is playing I’m sure there will only be 20 people in the stands by year’s end, but it is still not fair that the team has to sacrifice so many home games.

Does the NFL really think that they are going to have a team in London at one point? With modern day travel and the NFL’s one game a week schedule it could essentially happen but it is pretty unrealistic. Next season there will be three games including: Dallas v. Jacksonville, Detroit v. Atlanta and Miami v. Oakland. If I am a season ticket holder for any of these teams, or even a player, I would mad that I do not get to attend the home game and or give up ‘home-field advantage’.

A team like Kansas City and Seattle strive off their ‘home-field advantage’ and they have won games based off the ’12th man’ so if the NFL wants to continue to bring the game to London, I wish they would do it with pre-season games because it’s not fair for one team to play more ‘home’ games than any other teams.

What do you guys think?


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3 Responses to The NFL goes to London

  1. rb10lh says:

    I completely agree with you, the NFL is attempting to brand the league based on the teams that draw the least amount of interest. However taking away other successful teams home games makes no sense to me. It would make more sense to play more games in Toronto because this is an already existing NFL market that they can continue to brand further. It really is changing the game, and I think the NFL needs to stick to America, they already failed once with NFL Europe.

    Marked – SE

  2. chase6464 says:

    Great blog and interesting topic as well. I agree with your points regarding home advantages being a big deal to teams like Jacksonville who lose out as well as marketability factor for the NFL in London. Marketing the NFL to London and fellow European countries can most definitely increase the brand awareness and revenue from international sources, but i feel as though it is also a marketable strategy for us NFL and non NFL fans in North America. When i think of this situation i almost compare it to the Buffalo Bills when they come to Toronto every year. They may only be playing a few hundred kilometers away from their home stadium but the game in itself can create huge hype as “the game in Canada” which can reap several benefits from not only Bills fans, but also other NFL fans as well as the Canadian population. As for the home games, Jacksonville sits in the bottom 5 for attendance per game this season, so i dont see it being that big of a deal. I do also feel that there is no way this deal would get done with a team like Dallas, Washington, New York, etc as they could not afford to lose home games to a new market.

    Marked – SE

  3. brendanmccardle says:

    Having studied abroad last semester in Glasgow, Scotland, I had the opportunity to enjoy the Super Bowl there as well (albeit, starting at 12am…). Having this experience, I witnessed firsthand the excitement that the NFL generates overseas, whether it be among locals or the thousands originally from North America. So, to say regular season games played overseas are unfair to the fans of the NFL, the statement is in itself unfair. When in reality, these games are some of the few first hand connections to home that fans living overseas are able to make in a year. What’s fair to some will always be considered unfair to others. You can’t please everyone, but for everyone displeased in North America, there are probably just as many who are pleased in Europe.

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