Athletes as role models?

Throughout the years in sports, athletes have been constantly in the spotlight for their behaviour both on and off the field. Whether is it something positive like donating to charity, or negative like getting a DUI, the media plays a huge role in the way athletes are potrayed. With that being said, in todays society, kids look up to these athletes whether the professional players want them to or not. However, some may argue that athletes did not sign up to be a role model but to simply do their job for their team, and so therefore aren’t considered a role model, just in the spotlight. But people don’t bring up the positive aspects of how athletes are in fact good role models for kids, when mostly the media focuses on the negative such as acts of violence, drugs and alcohol some athletes encounter with and how that is not something parents want their children to see. Laura Williams article states how athletes are good role models for kids as it promotes physical activity, confidence and positive work ethic, but does it help shed light on parents that these people their kids are looking up to aren’t all bad? And does this mean that athletes are in fact role models even if their just doing their ‘job’? All in all, if you idolize someone whether they are in the spotlight or not, they should be considered a role model as they help you strive to be a better person even if they don’t know it. Athletes are people to, they make mistakes just like everyone else, but unfortunately their actions are shown to the world.


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4 Responses to Athletes as role models?

  1. sroche19 says:

    I would have to say that every professional athlete should have to accept the responsibility that they are in fact in the spotlight and whether they like it or not they are role models. In todays society with the internet and 24/7 sport stations it is important for all athletes to accept the pressure and spotlight that athletes face. In my opinion athletes have a duty to act responsible as role models for kids and also be a good example in the community. It comes with the territory of being a professional athlete and although they are human and make mistakes they should be aware of the responsibility they have,

  2. Yeah I agree with you for sure. Athletes do not get attention for the good things they do. I actually wrote an article sort of saying exactly what you’re talking about ( Athletes are human beings and human beings make mistakes. It just happens that since the person can dunk a basketball really good or whatever sport they play, they get crucified by the media day after day. The good athletes are not always the good people in sports so the media should try to focus more on the good guys instead of only portraying the mistakes that people make.

  3. kl10jb says:

    Athletes have become some of the biggest icons and role models for young children and youth today. I believe most athletes have set a good example of how to live life through hard work, perseverance, and a never give up attitude. Since these athletes are quite often in the spotlight, their actions whether good or bad (generally negative stories make news) are seen by many. As a pro athlete, it is up to them to take responsibility and set a great example, much like the Sedin twins and Jonathan Toews of the NHL. Team-mate of Toews “Patrick Kane” has shed some negative light on pro athletes with his unlawful behaviour, but he is a rare case that make it on the news. The majority of athletes today are trained how to interview and poise themselves in front of the camera, and because that’s usually all young people see, I’d say they can be considered good role models for kids. Perhaps not behind close doors, but on camera they are generally good role models for youth.

  4. mollymchardy says:

    I think being a role model is something that comes with being a professional athlete, it is the same as a singer or actor being a role model, they are also just doing their jobs but are given the role model status anyways. The athletes should be prepared to deal with the media and understand that their actions will reflect on them, their teams and their sport as a whole. Of course there is always going to be someone who makes some poor choices and it will get on the news, but for the majority of the time they are a good example to look up to.

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