Brand over whats ethically right- Critical Analysis

What caught my eye the most out of the readings was Chapter 5 in Dave Zirwin book Game Over and about the affect the legendary Joe Paterno had over the entire Penn State community, like he was some kind of God at that school. Also, how the media was to blame that this God is now the devil to the world and the reputation of Penn State came crumbling down because of this. But my question is ( and I bet its everyones) is how can someone just let these allegations that there co worker is encountering? Is it the utter humiliation of thier pride? Having someone you know be doing something so terrible like rape young boys? Joe Paterno selfishness had ultimately made him the middle man in this for going so long because he did know about it. So I feel that Joe did in fact gave himself the reputation he now has in the Penn State community and now the world. Is a brand of a university really more important than what is morally right? Not at all, I feel that if Joe did in fact go to the police and report this, he would have been known for stopping a child mosleter and even more well liked in the community, than now where you dont even want to hear his name. What is ethically right is the key to success and Mr. Paterno was only concerned ultmately about himself.


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