Critical Response Blog – Miami Heat Political Stand

I wanted to discuss from the “Game Over” book, how the Miami Heat stood up for a good cause to give attention to Trayvon Martin, who was killed by George Zimmerman. This incident became a worldwide discussion because of the serious crime, but soon became more when the Miami Heat made a political stand. I think it is very important for athletes to show how they feel and do what they can to help shape political matters or build policies that can improve the society we live in.

Professional athletes are role models to everyone and are constantly scrutinized for every thing they do, good or bad. Unfortunately when they do something they shouldn’t do, it is often talked about a lot more than when they do something right. An athlete can send a single tweet and the media can be easily turn it around to encourage a larger storyline, or to start a feud between players, even though most of the time it is taken out of context. This is unfortunate for athletes because they are so heavily under the microscope it is difficult to live a normal life.

I believe more attention needs to be on the campaigns, charities athletes’ support, and fan engagement that the athletes perform on a daily occurrence. I would rather hear about what professional athletes, owners, and teams are doing for their city, than to hear about one of parties tweeting something that is spun in a negative connotation. When Tim Thomas decided not to attend the White House after winning the Stanley Cup, it was spun to make him look like a terrible role-model to fans, when the reason was a political one; one where he stood up for his beliefs. We are told to stand up for what we believe in, so why criticize the people who do, especially professional athletes who we look up to every day?


Zirin, D. (2013). Game over: How politics has turned the sports world upside down. New York: The New Press.

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2 Responses to Critical Response Blog – Miami Heat Political Stand

  1. ja03xj says:

    The Heat is a great example in athletes being ignorant and short sighted. Instead of waiting for a proper law enforcement investigation they decided Zimmerman was guilty. There’s a world of difference between expressing political beliefs and wanting a persons due process and rights taken away.

  2. ra10kw says:

    True that athletes are indeed under a microscope today. Everyone had an opinion about the Zimmerman v. Martin case; I think athletes should be aware that they are in a position to influence change, and that they should act according to what the leagues coach them with regards to political stances on cases like the one presented. Tim Thomas reference here is an excellent example. It is important, in this regard, to keep personal politics out of professional sport.

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