Dennis Rodman Is At It Again

NBA icon Dennis Rodman is no stranger to the media. As great of a basketball player he was, his talent always seemed to be overshadowed by his off court and some on court antics. Well it doesn’t seem that Rodman has changed his ways. In the past few months Rodman has been featured in the media numerous amounts of times in regards to his relationship with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

It all started when Rodman and the famous Harlem Globetrotters made a trip to North Korea for a documentary. While there Rodman became very close friends with North Korea’s leader. They actually became so close that Rodman made 2 more visits to North Korea to visit his “friend” as many articles claim he states.  In recent news, Dennis Rodman has put the media in a frenzy with the release of his pistachio commercial where a Kim Jong Un look-a-like blows up Rodman (Check the video out for yourself – Kind of ironic I would say considering the global issues around this incident.

Now the big picture surronding this is the Nuclear bomb scare between North Korea and the United States. Here we have an American citizen – and a well known one at that – that is becoming close friends with the man who holds destruction in the palm of his hands.

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2 Responses to Dennis Rodman Is At It Again

  1. mt10xn says:

    While cooperating with the North Koreans may lead to destruction as Kim Jong Il had previously demonstrated, an opportunity for success in North Korea through basket ball could be the answer. Dennis Rodman may be the only person to be able to connect with Kim Jong Un and create peace between the nations. Sport is an extraordinary experience giver that could build participation in the sport of basketball throughout North Korea.

  2. steveun says:

    WIth out a doubt this is one of the weirdest stories to hit the news in the last couple months, but it is also not the craziest plan by the U.S either. The United States thought that by sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong (a Major basketball fan) that a friendship between the two could potentially alleviate the tension between both Countries. Rodman claims that Jong and him are friends, and I read recently that Rodman had created an invitational that would involve a game featuring both North Korean basketball players and NBA all-stars. Hopefully this can be a positive and not turn into a complete disaster, but only time will tell!

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