Embellishment in Professional Sport Affecting the Public Sport Policy Sector

The reading by Barrie Houlihan titled “Public Sector Sport Policy,” eludes to current issues in sport, such as equity, doping, harassment and violence. However, one policy of the public sport sector that many professional leagues are having a problem controlling these days, is embellishment.  Embellishment is effective in sport these days, as it is a form of cheating amongst athletes as they work their way to success. However, it has nothing to do with doping. Instead, flopping is the term used in the National Basketball Association, diving is the term used in the National Hockey League, faking of injuries is occurring in the National Football League, and just as recent as of a couple nights ago in the Major League Baseball World Series, unintentional intent obstruction by base runners in baseball. These embellishments are corrupting the games, as athletes are trying to make embarrassing incidences in order to receive fame, and ultimately money if they are successful at getting away with this. All these professional sport leagues are starting to take notice and the NHL, NBA, and NFL, are all penalizing athletes with hefty fines, while the MLB is looking into new policies and rule changes.

The article discusses different ways to approach issues in the public sector of sport policy, such as the stages model, institutional analysis, multiple streams model, and the advocacy coalition framework. The multiple streams framework, which focuses on the setting is the one that most coincides with embellishment, as these situations, which continue to rise in professional sport, have a large grey area that no commissioner or any other personnel involved has been able to figure out.

Overall, there will always be cheaters in professional sport. There will always be individuals who are looking to get a little bit of an edge or advantage on someone else, but it is how the front office personnel of the various professional sport leagues deal with ways to erase these said embellishments. This is what will lead to having more credible sport leagues in North America.

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One Response to Embellishment in Professional Sport Affecting the Public Sport Policy Sector

  1. hartmendy says:

    Very interesting post; and I would definitely have to agree that this behavior in sport has become ridiculous over the past couple of years. It seems that is has become a much more prevalent issue, and becoming a reoccurring theme in all sports; not just soccer anymore. It was one of the issues that i think has always plagued soccer and its major events, and something has to be done to limit this spread to other sports as it seems like a growing breed of athletes that are “flopping and diving”.
    Hartley Mendelsohn

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