Is Diving Ruining the Game of Football (Soccer) –Creative Post

The football (soccer) world is going to have to make a decision very soon regarding whether or not to enforce stricter penalties for diving or as it is termed in the soccer world ‘simulation’. The issue of simulation is becoming increasingly more prominent in the game. As Steve McManaman said “Diving was not as prevalent in the game back in the 1990s when I started playing, but it is different now” (Bennet, 2013).

Not only is diving/simulation putting fans off the sport it is also becoming very lucrative for clubs to accept such behavior. This is due to the fact that should a player dive and win a penalty, and win the game due to this dive the club gains an extra 3 points in the league “ultimately worth millions of pounds” (Bennet, 2013). I believe that all Football Associations need to step in and collaboratively create a piece of legislation that imposes a monetary deduction to the club and a player should he be caught simulating. With that said, judging if a player has dived or not can be tricky, so in order to make the correct calls referees should be given the freedom to stop the game and take advantage of the multiple angles that cameras can provide and then determine if sanctions should be given. Implementing such sanctions will allow the sport to be played at higher level and eliminate what many (myself included) experience to be an unpleasant aspect of the game.

Furthermore, if no action is taken and players are left to self-police themselves, I believe that the reputation of soccer will become tarnished and that will lead to potential fans choosing to avoid watching the game due to the obscene simulations. If anyone has watched a game and saw a slow motion replay of a player theatrically flailing himself to the ground when it is obvious no contact was made one can understand the potential concerns for the Football Associations around the world of doing nothing.

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3 Responses to Is Diving Ruining the Game of Football (Soccer) –Creative Post

  1. jw09ea says:

    As a sports fan who has almost no interest in watching soccer I can tell you that diving (or simulation, or embellishment, or whatever you want to call it) is a big reason why. Soccer is a sport where one goal is often the difference between winning, losing, or drawing, so it is imperative for refs to make sure they get every call right. You can’t always blame the officials when it comes to diving. They are trained to instinctively make a call when they see a player fall to the pitch and often we get a better angle than them from our living room couches. There should be an off-field official who monitors the game and can be consulted via headset by the other officials. As well, FIFA should look to the NBA as an example of dealing with diving. The NBA’s new flopping rules punish players for embellishment and hand out harsher penalties to repeat offenders.

  2. jmahood90 says:

    I also do agree that simulation needs to be removed from soccer. Soccer already has a tough time gaining new fans in North America due to the fact that some of the most popular sports are contact and are played tough. When a player engages in a simulation and acts hurt or flops around it is seen as “soft” to many people who are not fans of soccer. Although it is a dishonest way to play the game and puts the integrity of soccer at question it shows that players are willing to do anything to gain an advantage to win.

  3. chase6464 says:

    Personally i dislike soccer for this reason solely. It really irritates me when i see someone get a love tap and flop like a fish to the ground in hopes of the other team receiving a yellow or red card. I think however that you have too look at this through the eyes of the largest market fans which would be Europeans i believe. We as North Americans look at it and view it as ‘soft’ like you mentioned but through their eyes it may be one of the biggest parts to the game that they like. I really wouldnt know but if i had too assume i would assume that they are fine with it as it has gone on for so long. I wouldnt mind a rule change or a procedure put in place to monitor which incidents are real or embellished for the simple fact that maybe i would be more interested in watching soccer again.

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