Multiculturalism and Federal Sport Policy in Canada (Critical Response)

The reading for the week of October 28th speaks about the overall importance in the development of sport policy regarding multiculturalism in sports throughout Canada. The development of this policy will play a pivotal role in the continued development of sport in Canada, which should be aiming to promote and encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds throughout the country to participate in sport.

Within this article Frisby et al. identifies a few issues arising within Canadian sport pertaining to multiculturalism. It was found that a large number of children in Canadian sports who were immigrants had been bullied while participating in sport, but sport leaders had failed to intervene on their behalf. It seems as if the Canadian sport policy needs to integrate some kind of training for coaches, and leaders in sport. This will ensure that the leaders are able to facilitate a better environment for immigrants and immigrants children in all levels of sport.

Frisby et al. describes that many who play sport prefer to participate with those who have the same ethnic background. If Sport Canada can create effective policy to establish a more multicultural view in sport, it could greatly improve sport as a whole. Hockey Canada has seen a decrease in participation in recent years, and has taken action by making a bilingual program in 8 different languages. This is to appeal to a wider variety of participants as the program was only in English and French in previous years.

The addition of more multicultural policies within sport can have a great effect on the way children grow up to perceive other ethnic groups in society. By teaching children at a young age to participate in an even environment with immigrants can have a positive effect on multiculturalism in Canada overall.

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One Response to Multiculturalism and Federal Sport Policy in Canada (Critical Response)

  1. devongribble says:

    With Canada priding itself on multiculturalism, you would think that people would be more accepting of different ethnic backgrounds. Sport is something that is supposed to bring people together regardless of gender, skill, religion, and race. People who are too stubborn to realize this are only taking away from the experience that sport is supposed to provide. If this behaviour is not dealt with it will discourage many immigrant children to get involved in sports due to the fear of being ridiculed.

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