NASCAR’s new Concussion Policy and Brad Keselowski

Starting in 2014, NASCAR will be implementing mandatory Baseline testing for any driver involved in a crash to determine whether or not a concussion was sustained. My first reaction to this policy was that it is long overdue and definitely appropriate for a sport that requires such stamina and precision on the part of the drivers to make it safe. Concussions can affect vision, focus and other motor skills crucial to driving. Many doctors do not even let patients with concussions drive to the corner store therefore why should drivers going 200 miles per hour be allowed to even take a chance if a concussion is suspected?

In fact, many people around the sport are applauding the policy including one of the tour’s most recognizable figures, Dale Earnhardt Jr., who has suffered concussions caused from car crashes in the past. Unfortunately Brad Keselowski is not one of the people supporting the policy and he has even gone on the record bashing it.

Keselowski’s response to the policy was “Doctors don’t understand our spory. Doctors aren’t risk-takers. We are. That’s what makes our sport what it is and when you get doctors involved, it waters down our sport.” While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think this statement is irresponsible and is coming from someone who is completely blind to the dangers of concussions. The last thing NASCAR needs is another fatal crash and if they were to allow concussed racers to drive the risk of that happening again would certainly grow. Keselowski is coming off as stubborn and stupid. He shouldn’t worry about doctors getting involved he should worry about doing his job. Hopefully he see the light and stops making his sport look bad with comments like these.

Concussions are a “buzz” issue all over professional sport and I’m glad one of the most dangerous sports is finally getting with the times even though some of their athletes are still stuck in the past.


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3 Responses to NASCAR’s new Concussion Policy and Brad Keselowski

  1. bc10et says:

    I agree with you there, NASCAR needs a concussion policy in place. Earnhart is right and a great example, side effects of concussions can range and blacking out from a concussion, dizziness, blurry vision are all common symptoms. now imagine those in the middle of a race going 200 mph, seems like an accident waiting to happen. Who knows though it may have been the cause to crashes many times already.

  2. km10sy says:

    There definitely should be a concussion policy in place. I think most of the people associate concussions with physical sports like hockey and football. Where head on head collision happen all the time. They don’t realize that concussions are prevalent in racing. Anytime a racer is in an accident they are definitely subject to concussion risks. It is in both the best interest of the driver involved in the collision and the other contestants for a policy to be put in place. If a racer has a concussion they are not only putting themselves in a huge amount of risk but they are also putting everyone involved in the race at risk. There is a high amount of talent needed to operate these vehicle’s and you could put someone’s life in danger if you are not racing at one hundred percent.

  3. rbpatriots12 says:

    Totally agree! Driving at 200 MPH with a concussion is very dangerous to every driver in the field. Driving at 200 MPH is especially dangerous with a brain injury. If the concussions effect motor skills how can a driver be allowed to drive!!??? Someone hitting the wall at 200 MPH will almost certainly have some kind of head injury. Have a specialist like hockey at the track will no ties to any Race Team will allow for the safety of drivers and integrity of the safety to increase for this dangerous sport.

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