“Policing the boundaries of sex” Critical Response

In the article “Policing the boundaries of sex” the concluding
statements that the authors arrive to are that we should not use the
category of “sex” to organize sport; that the policing of sex is only
enhancing sex segregation in society; and that the current policies
violate the rights of females to participate in sport.  In regards to
these statements I believe a couple of questions need to be answered
that are not used in the article.
1.      Should we do more research to understand the backgrounds of these
sex changes and whether they were done with the intent to cheat or
purely out of personal necessity?
2.      If athletes did not go through sex testing would it not be unfair
to competitors without sex changes who have put in work, money, and
time into their athletic careers?
From the perspective of a sports enthusiast I would believe that it
is fair to conduct sex testing in order to maintain fair competition
for all.  There is an extent to which certain genetics may be altered
and effect competition however if the purpose of the change was purely
for financial and competitive gain then it may be viewed as unfair to
not conduct tests.  Although the article provides many good points
supporting that a “level playing field is a myth” there should be an
understanding that a majority of previous athletes to participate
after a sex change were from male to female
Thus it should be noted that woman born as a woman in scientific
form are somewhat being cheated as they do not have all of the same
advantages of the human body.  Feel free to answer these questions.

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2 Responses to “Policing the boundaries of sex” Critical Response

  1. dc10vh says:

    I also believe there should be sex testing in sports and in my opinion the answer to #1 is yes. There should be more research done to see how people’s sex changes are affecting sports, if at all. I imagine the instances of sex changes are fairly infrequent but tracking these procedures would be beneficial when discussing a topic like this.

  2. mollymchardy says:

    I agree with your statement about doing more research into transgender athletes as it is not something that is very common and ruling out gender testing completely would be a bad idea. However, i think that gender testing athletes, and predominantly female athletes because of their appearance or performance is something that should not be allowed especially because of what the athletes are subjected to from the press and others. Better procedures should be in place to benefit the athletes.

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