Womens MMA… one step for women, one giant leap for women sports!

In last class we were discussing women sports and how the popularity is significantly lower compared to men sports. This is unfortunatly true but I believe because of women’s mixed martial arts (mma) we will see a powerful movement forward in women sports. In class we talked about the sports that women are known for or that are popular on television like tennis, gymnastics and golf. They were referred to as being elegant and less agressive sports. However mixed martial arts is not elegant but rather extremely violent and aggressive. In the last year the UFC recently created the women’s bantamweight (135 pound) weight class. Already the women are getting huge media exposure and there has been great success with the women fights. The women fights are on the same paper view cards as the men and are refereed the exact same. Being an mma fan I have watched many of the women fights and can say they are extremely entertaining not because there are women fighting, but because they are just as skilled if not more than the men and have put on great fights. If you YouTubed women’s mma you could find countless highlights that would surprise you. Women’s mma is very important for female sports because it displays a sense of  “tough women” and shows that women are capable of extreme and aggressive sports. I believe this will also raise awareness of women sports and get women to speak out more about inequality in sport. Women’s mma has already gotten so popular that they have women coaches on their reality show The Ultimate Fighter and have included women fighting on the show to get a professional contract with the UFC. This is huge for the sport and the UFC because this is the first time.  I’ve only seen a few episodes but I can honestly say that the women fights have been better than the guys. This show will help boost awareness of women’s mma and females in the sporting world. In class it was discussed in Zirin’s video that women sport viewers has gone down but I believe that women’s mma will help increase the viewers. Not only will women fighters benefit the UFC but promote women sports and hopefully show that women are just as tough as men.

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2 Responses to Womens MMA… one step for women, one giant leap for women sports!

  1. mattgraham99 says:

    I personally agree that introducing women’s weigh classes in the UFC was very smart by Dana White and UFC management because these women fighters are extremely talented and are already attracting a larger female audience to the sport of MMA. Being an MMA fan myself, i had no problem when Women began fighting in the UFC and i actually found some of the fights i wanted to be extremely entertaining and at par with some of the all male fights. I believe that once people get over the fact that these women arent typical “supermodel esque” women and just trying to make a living doing what they love, that Female MMA fighting will significantly grow and become much more watched by both men and women.

  2. hartmendy says:

    As much as I would like to agree with you and claim that this will be a “game changer” for women’s sports. I think that it will not make a difference, and a change in this will not happen for a very long time. I have watched a few MMA events and can claim that the most entertaining fight was between two women; despite this being the case, women’s sports are so far behind in spectators, sponsors, awareness, followings, and the list could go on. There are evidently some women’s sports that receive consistent coverage such as tennis and women Olympic sports. In my perspective, there is a long road ahead to see any significant improvement in women sport, not to take anything away from this tremendous change brought forth by the MMA.
    Hartley Mendelsohn

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