Zombie Teams and Zombie Owners

Zirin, D. (2013). Game over how politics has turned the sports world upside down. (pp. 73-90). New York: The New Press.

In chapter 4 Zirin talks about a hot topic in sports right now. Why do billionaire owners need public tax dollars to help fund a team, new stadium or whatever they need. The argument can be made on either side because there have been successful stadiums that have been funded by the taxpayers and the city has been paid back. However many times this is not the case. I for one believe that cities should not fund a new professional sports stadium because it is not a wise investment. In the text book Zirin says, “ When we see failing schools, crumbling roads, or shuttered community centres, we can look at the stadium on the skyline and see a ‘sports shock doctrine’ at work”(Zirin 2013).  A city should much rather invest its money to fix its own problems rather than trying to bring in a professional sports team to help. There have studies done that have proven that professional sports teams do little to positively effect the economy.

Also another factor that Zirin talks about how most people cannot afford to go to these brand new multipurpose stadiums yet they were the ones to pay for it with their tax money. This creates fans who are unable to cheer live at the games and show support for their team. One example that I believe shows this is the Toronto Maple Leafs. However the ACC was not public funded the tickets are ridiculously high that the majority of their loyal fans do not attend. Last year during the playoffs you saw the thousands of fans standing outside of the ACC in the cold weather to watch the games.

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One Response to Zombie Teams and Zombie Owners

  1. mt10xn says:

    You have to also realize the positive impacts in communities in bringing professional teams into cities. Professional teams bring funding to programs that reduce crime, build participation and improve the overall standard of living in the given city. Most owners are strong believers and highly tied to the city and want nothing more to improve the place they love. They bring the funding because most of them are well-off and know that even if they lose everything, they’ll still be alright. This is why they pour their heart and soul into the team.

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