Brazils stadiums: Moneys no object, except for taxpayers

We have all seen the good that a major gaming event like the olympics can bring to a host country, the pride, the unity, and the passion. However, most of us never think to look at the negative aspects these kinds of games can bring to a country, especially when that country is as poorly prepared to host such an event as Brazil is.

Brazil is set to host the next FIFA World Cup in some of the 12 new and extravagant stadiums they have built up to “showcase their countries diversity”. Spending over 8 billion reais in the process, and as good as these monuments look within the cities, the countries infrastructure is in no way ready to host any sort of games.

Taxpayer money should be focused on creating these improvements to ensure the success of a major event in the country, to help bring profit from the deficit the games will induce. Yes the country will learn from their mistakes that I believe they are so clearly going to make during the World Cup tournament. However, they will be hosting the 2016 Olympic games in Rio and I do not believe they will have a sufficient infrastructure system ready and prepared just 2 years after the 2014 World Cup is over.

A visit from the pope clearly showed the countries serious need for improvement as he got stuck in traffic, a blackout halted the metro systems and a mass for over 1.5 million people had to be moved to another location because rain had flooded out their original venue. If the city can’t host a visit from the pope, how is it going to successfully run an event that brings in millions upon millions of spectators and puts the country on the world stage.

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