FIFA President Plans to Do More About Fan Rasicm (Creative)

I came across an interesting article recently, which focused on fan racism at professional soccer games.  FIFA president Sepp Blatter spoke about trying to impose tougher sanctioning against fans that chant racist remarks towards opposing players. Blatter wants to hold teams accountable for the actions of their supporting fans and believes the consequences must be severe in order for racism to be eliminated. There have been several incidents occurring as of late, but I think Manchester city player Yaya Toure’s incident in Russia, caused the FIFA president to erupt in anger recently. CSKA Moscow fans showered Toure with racist chants during a match with Manchester city on October 23rd, and the team even went as far as to deny that any chants were made towards Toure.

Clubs usually receive a fine when their fans chant racist chants towards opposing players, and those fans also get banned from the stadium. Blatter however, wants to take a stricter approach. He wants to either eliminate teams from competition or deduct team points. Although his proposal might seem a little extreme, I can completely understand why he feels this way. It’s unbelievable that racism still exists in professional sports and incidents like these are appalling. It’s even worse when a team denies the chants, and rather puts blame on the player for lying. The team should have apologized to Manchenster city player Yaya Toure, and address the league about how they can eliminate these issues in the future.

I’m not sure if deducting points is the right solution for fan racism at soccer games, but I don’t think a “perfect” solution exists. It’s likely that racism will always occur in pro sport games, the hope however, is that it becomes more intolerable over time. Banning fans from a stadium certainly strikes me as an effective method, and demanding clubs to pay a fine works as well.

I’m happy a person like President Blatter spoke so passionately against racism. The fact that he wants to impose harsher penalties against teams with racist fans, demonstrates his drive to make a change to the game.

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5 Responses to FIFA President Plans to Do More About Fan Rasicm (Creative)

  1. jr09gx says:

    I agree with what you have said Steve, there will be no perfect solution. I think it will be a combination of methods that will help get rid of the racism that exists. I also think banning people from stadiums is a good approach, it will force the true soccer fans that would like to attend games to behave in the appropriate manner if they want to continue watching them in person. There is no place for racism in today’s society, Blatter is absolutely right, a stricter approach is necessary to get rid of this nonsense during soccer games. And hopefully that drive that Blatter demonstrates will change the game for good.

  2. jl09iv says:

    There will never be an ideal solution to get rid of racism in sports. The use of racism in sports is huge in European soccer leagues as North America has done a terrific job pushing out racism. However racism in European soccer continues to be a great concern as safety is at risk. It makes you wonder why such fans will demonstrate racism at events if they know the outcome will involve hazing, police force, and harmful gas bombs. Racism is a stupid way to get under opponents skin and it looks downright awful on the hosting city or countries part.

  3. jmahood90 says:

    I agree that racism in sports, especially soccer will never be completely gone. This is because its biggest stages, like the World Cup, Euro Cup etc. are based on ethnicity and race. When you put country vs country against each other on such a large scale there will always be people who will use negative stereotypes to bring down the opponents. The goal of soccer should be to try and limit this by informing their fans of different cultures and show a level of acceptance of each different culture and race.

  4. jpecchia92 says:

    I agree with all the previous comments on that it should be a main focus of the sport to rid racism by fans. Although, I do disagree with the comments on Sepp Blatter doing a lot to fix the issue, because there is a lot more that he has not done. Blatter famously said “that racism is something that should be resolved with a handshake after the match,” which also wasn’t said too long ago. There are already rules in place that allow teams to have points deducted and fans banned from stadiums, it’s just that they are rarely ever used for disciplining discriminatory actions. Majority of the punishments are fines and are almost always the very minimum amount i.e. $50,000 to a national football association is pocket change and these fines don’t affect the fans or the performance of the team. Therefore, I believe to truly stamp out racism from fans, they will have to suffer consequences that have meaning to them such as having stadiums closed for attendance or point deductions. Things that hurt the team’s performance will make the fans realize that they are potentially preventing their team from winning a league title and hopefully eliminate racism from fans over time.

  5. rm09gu says:

    I also believe that eradicating racism from sport is a tough proposition.The problem as mentioned above is the small fines imposed on clubs for racist conduct doesn’t seem to have the desired, long lasting effect. With that said, imposing a ban or point deduction on teams that have fans that use racial slurs is tough to do. The Football club cannot control what each fan is going to say that raises a huge issue – should the team get such harsh sanctions because their fans say racial things, even if the team is completely against it. I can see how one would think that having your team loose points for your comments would be a huge deterrent. However, couldn’t the public take advantage of this by having fans of another team, come to the home stadium and shout racial abuse in order for the home team to loose points or be suspended? It seems to me that FIFA and Sepp Blatter need to keep thinking of options that can curb racism – not an easy job to have.

    Just as a side note, in Spain fans of the club Real Betis where shouting racial slurs to their own defender Paulao after he was sent off during a match. That;s anther worrying problem. It shows that fans are racist towards their own players.

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