L.P.G.A Tour will admit 16 year old – The New York Times (creative response)

This article presented Lydia Ko, a young 16 year old girl from South Korea who is ranked among the best women in the world. The only thing holding her back from competing amongst the best was her age – until now. The teenager was admitted to the L.P.G.A after the Tour waived their age requirement to admit such an unlikely circumstance. The opportunity brings huge media attention to capture the young phenom in action. The 16 year old only brings opportunity to the small market sport. Which begs the question – will young girls want to become like Lydia and start building the sport of women’s golf?

The decision to waive the age requirement came after long discussion of the opportunities that present on building the L.P.G.A Tour. Community sport research has shown that the increase in participation in sport is a top aspect of any community attempting to build the value of their neighbourhood. This brings upon the proposal of the L.P.G.A starting a movement in increasing participation amongst young girls in the sport of golf. If these young girls see that a young girl like them can succeed, what is stopping them from achieving better.

The main point I am trying to make is that the L.P.G.A. has a huge chance at changing communities across the world. I feel that they should start a foundation that gets young girls involved in golf, in local communities and broadcast the success during L.P.G.A Tour events to widen the access of sport in the community as well as improve health and well being. Having a healthy and active community is ultimately one of the main aspects of sport.

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One Response to L.P.G.A Tour will admit 16 year old – The New York Times (creative response)

  1. leaves09 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the fact that this is a big opportunity for the LPGA to grow their sport. It was a great idea to waive their age requirement to allow the best 16 year old girl compete at the highest level. And like you said, this can only help increase golf amongst amateur girls. The LPGA has a chance for something big here and I only hope that bringing in this 16 year old will send them in the right direction.

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