Multiculturalism and Federal Sport Policy in Sport

After reading the article “Multiculturalism and Federal Sport Policy in Sport’ it raised some intriguing facts about multiculturalism in Canada and the lack of multicultural participation in sport.   In 20 years, it is estimated that 60 percent of Canada’s population will be foreign born.  At this rate Canadians will need to start implementing foreign sport participation policies to ensure overall participation.

I believe that in order to start implementing policies on multicultural participation we need to first start by building sport facilities solely related to certain cultures.  For example, in Vaughan/Richmond Hill there has been an increasing number of Israeli immigrants, the community has built community centers and sport facilities that are exclusive to Isreali immigrants.  As well in Vaughan they have also introduced Italian soccer clubs as there is a high population of Italian immigrants in the Woodbridge area of Vaughan.  For immigrants this is great way to meet people with the same cultural values, have familiarity with the facilities, as well as ease students into sports without the cultural barriers.

Canada needs to act accordingly with the rising immigrants and population.  Sports like basketball and soccer are ideal for immigrants of families with low income as equipment is cheap to play this sports (shoes, jersey, shin pads, ball.)  It would be much more difficult to implement a policy that all kids need to play hockey, baseball or football.  These sports have a much greater start up cost and financial aid would be necessary.

Implementing a policy that enables all multicultural sport participation will definitely help Canada’s success towards a healthier tomorrow.  With the rise of multiculturalism Canadians must be ready to expand and try new innovative ideas to increase the overall participation in sport.


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