occupy the sports world. critical response

The occupy movement of 2011 is written in the “occupy the sports world” chapter and the cultural movement it sparked. The main focus on the chapter is the struggle of the NFL players during the 2011 collective bargaining and the Wisconsin state government cutting spending to balance the budget.

While the author strikes a positive tone of 2011 being the year NFL players stood up for their rights and health many believe the owners still came out ahead in the new CBA. The players were able to beat back a proposal for an additional 2 games which would increase injuries and most likely shorten careers but the owners got the concessions they were looking for which I believe outweigh the benefits the players “won”. With a lower salary cap and increased protection of revenues through the stadium allowance owners snagged a lucrative new deal. Furthermore the 2 games they players insisted not be added could be coming to the 2015 NFL schedule as the commissioner may cancel two pre season games and add 2 regular season. I believe the owner is right the players stood in 2011 but they by no means are better off in the new CBA.

The other backdrop of the chapter is the NFL players voicing support for public employees in Wisconsin during the 2011 budget crisis. To balance the budget the governor proposed cuts in spending and benefits to employees, naturally many were upset and after weeks of protest and filibuster attempts by politicians the budget passed. The author should add the immediate effect it had, Wisconsin balanced its budget and is now paying off debt.

Both collective bargaining situations dealt with the need for long term financial sustainability and while the measures proposed were harsh, it has worked.

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