Qatar 2022 world cup and modern day slave trade- creative response

while most of the sports world is focused on Russia for the upcoming winter Olympics and the governments controversial anti gay laws little to no public attention is being paid to the human rights abuses and use of slaves to build stadiums and infrastructure  in Qatar.

when fifa was voting on the 2018 and 2022 world cups in December 2010 many groups said Qatar didn’t have the man power to build the stadiums and highly likely slave labour would be imported. The Guardian newspaper has dug into the situation and found that tens of thousands of people from south east asia and Nepal have been brought into Qatar. For the 10 year period 2012 to 2022 human rights groups have estimated 4000 slave and migrant workers will die building the stadiums and related infrastructure.

We need to start asking fifa and other sports bodies to consider human rights in its biding process and not hope to change a country or turn a blind eye.


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One Response to Qatar 2022 world cup and modern day slave trade- creative response

  1. jpecchia92 says:

    I also came across the information found by The Guardian recently and was as shocked as you are. The more I dug into the topic the more shocked I became. You would think the logical thing to do would be to change the site for the World Cup and have a new vote… but that isn’t the case. Some of the stuff I read suggested that FIFA and other governing bodies who host events over the globe would almost rather host events where there is no democracy. By hosting in Qatar the government there can spend as much as they want without any resistance which is also the same case with Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup and their anti-gay laws. Both of these countries have governments that cannot be rivaled, so whatever says goes. This makes the decision for FIFA almost too easy, because they do not have to worry about internal debates over spending for example if the World Cup were in Canada there would be political parties supporting it and those against it. I agree strongly with your final statement because it is in their mission statement to “build a better future for the world.” I personally think the venues should be changed but the reality of it actually happening and being made plausible in time for it is unlikely..

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