Reflecting the Public Value of Sport (Brookes & Wiggan, 2009) (Critical Response)

After reading this journal, I came across a concept that jarred me and thought I would discuss why. When the authors attempt to link public value to sport, they talk about combining intrinsic values with institutional values in order to create value amongst the region through sport. I feel that value through sport can only be achieved through creating an impactful experience through the given team. The management of the team will build public value through building the given community around the given team. Only then can intrinsic and institutional values can be set into place in to boost aspects such as participation, widening the access and improving overall health and well being.

I was puzzled as to why the authors did not go in to depth about the management of Sport England and how they could build public value through experience in the game events themselves. The community is a huge factor in the success of the club and vice versa. Should both work together to give fans a memorable experience while building value in the community through public works, the team could achieve some of their main goals. The organization needs to install programs and policies to ensure that the participation amongst youth in England is continued as well as picking up the necessary skills to take them to the next level.

The article then went into creating a public value approach to Sport England. The article seemed to be enforcing achieving success rather than creating a positive and enjoyable experience. A change in focus may be the answer to the proposed problems of the authors. Perhaps a way of improving education and benefiting the economy could come through the enjoyment of sport, not measured by the success in the sport.

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