Adult Bullying?! – Grow up!

This article looks at the ‘bullying’ issue between Miami Dolphins players Incognito and Martin. Just to give a brief rundown there are allegations made toward Incognito for sending racial text messages and voicemails as well as just having a “bully” mentality in the locker room. This article looks at the issue from the stand point of- why did no teammates intervene if they were aware of Incognito’s behaviour. Reading about this issue I have to agree that there does in fact appear to be a lack of leadership in the locker room. To allow an issue to get to the point where one teammate had to take time off for emotional counseling just seems a little bit ridiculous and that there shouldn’t be issue such as this in a professional league like the NFL. This is something I could see happening at a minor league level, but I choose to think- and maybe it is a little bit naive of me- but older men should not be acting this way and causing problems like this, they shouldn’t escalate to this point. I know that the media analysis given in class kind of allowed you to see both sides of the issue, and also revealed other information that wasn’t acknowledged in this article about incognito but I still strongly believe someone should have stepped in or Martin should have tried to speak to someone about the issues that were occurring. I know that to go to the coach would be difficult for a grown man, but his mental health is now in question and he has to go to counseling because of the problems in the locker room. I know a male locker room can and probably is much different than a female locker room but I know that playing hockey, and growing up in the locker room there was always a leader who did step in when necessary. I also know, from having a brother who has and continues to play hockey his entire life has seen similar issues in the locker room, but never to this extent. I think at the end of the article when Eric Wood of the Buffalo Bills talks about the issue, the point he makes about using racial slurs and the language that Incognito did use with Martin is just unnecessary and in today’s society it is so unacceptable- but I think that is another issue to touch upon another time. I think the Dolphins really do need to analyze their staff and review the leadership factor in the locker room and see how far this issue of lack of leadership extends into the coaching and front office staff.

I am curious as to what other people think about this issue. If it is something they have experienced in their own lives growing up, playing sports. I know and am well aware of the fact that bullying is an issue and always will be- even in adulthood, however if these athletes are supposed to be role models for young children they really need to get their stuff together and not pull stunts like this- in my opinion. I know some may not see this as a bullying case, so I would love to hear others opinions on this topic!

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3 Responses to Adult Bullying?! – Grow up!

  1. devongribble says:

    A team is supposed to be a family and have eachother’s back but clearly that is not the case here. Growing up playing sports there was a few times where people on my team would get picked on. Sometimes it would be after they made a bad play, or if they just were not as skilled as some of the other players. My coach was aware that this would go on and he immediately stepped in and confronted the team as a whole. As a leader, he addressed an issue that he knew was going on and informed us that it was not acceptable. If this could be present in youth sports, then it should most definitely be in professional sports. The Miami Dolphins really need to look into the way they handle these situations.

  2. pauldermody says:

    Being involved in sports my whole life, like the majority of us have, you need to have thick skin to survive as an athlete either it be on the playing surface or in the locker room. In the case of Martin and Incognito I think things went too far. When you continue to pester or bully someone to the extent of mental illness especially when the person who was causing the heartache is designated as a leader certain steps have to be put in place so it doesn’t occur again. I blame the organization and the other teammates and not just Incognito. Why didn’t anyone say or stand up to him and tell him that it is wrong what he was doing.

    Furthermore I do believe there is more behind the initial reports. Martin and Incognito were said to be best of friends. Was it a mental illness that was effecting Martin and finally pushed him to whits end. More has to be disclosed than what has. It is always better to know the whole story before jumping to a conclusion.

  3. ebelahov says:

    I totally agree with you, I believe that these professional athletes that are looked up upon by so many people and children need to “grow up” and act like men. I have heard of this term “hazing” before and have seen it on SC top 10, but I did not believe it went that far. For someone to completely mentally hurt another individual because of a ritual is ridiculous. Why didn’t anyone stand up for Martin? Shouldn’t have the coaches known of this issue and dealt with it properly, ever before this reached the media?

    Personally, I have never experienced this in my life before, and I cannot imagine how Jonathan Martin is feeling today. He finally made it to the NFL every child’s dream and to experience this bullying is awful. I also believe that this issue comes from the coaching staff and how they do not have control of the team. If this were to happen in a Superbowl contending team it would have been dealt with immediately. The Miami Dolphins need to figure out a way to keep all player’s happy and eliminate the bullying from the game.

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