Final Creative Blog: Jonathan Martin Scandal, He Is Likely Done With the Dolphins

Final Creative Blog:  Jonathan Martin Scandal, He Is Likely Done With the Dolphins

As more information leaks out to the media about the Jonathan Martin scandal we can take a lot at all three perspectives of the situation.  This includes the sides of Jonathan Martin himself, Richie Incognito, as well as the Dolphins organization as a whole.  Essentially what happened, is Incognito threatened Martin via voice mails, text messages, and allegedly took $15,000 from him and put it into the team’s “Las Vegas” pot where they would use the money for their Vegas adventures, in which Martin said he wanted no part in going.  According to their teammates, Martin was deemed as more of a “white player” then Incognito, and according to the media, Martin needed “toughening up”.  For reference, Martin is African American and Incognito is Caucasian. This is apparently why the messages left to Martin were so racist and inappropriate.  Martin took a leave of absence from the team and he according to himself needs mental help to overcome this bullying racial scandal in the locker room. This begs the question if he will ever be welcomed back into an NFL locker room.

Looking at this incident from the Jonathan Martin perspective we can see that he wanted no part in such trips, and he just wanted to play football. The fact that he and Incognito were decent friends before begs the question of why they could not handle their differences in house.  Clearly Martin wanted to show the world he was taken advantage of for the money, and that he did not feel safe in the locker room with Incognito and other players around him.  This clearly is not Martin’s fault when looking at this incident vaguely, however when you dive into examine the details it makes you wonder what martin did to deserve such behavior bestowed upon him.

When we examine Richie Incognito’s side, he was asked to “toughen up” Martin. This would be the reasoning behind h these inappropriate messages on the voice mail, and via text.  This is obviously inexcusable in a professional work setting, where both are being paid millions to act like professionals. If he really was asked to toughen him up, this should change people’s view on this situation. It should be the coaching staff that comes into question, because there really is no place for that kind of behavior  if people know it has been going on for a long time.  Martin today came out and said that he is probably done with the Dolphins and he needs to get help.  According to the media, Incognito will have cost Martin his dream job as a player in the NFL and they are portraying him as the bad guy in this scenario.

When we look at the story from the Dolphins perspective we can see that it was entirely mishandled.  When the whole Las Vegas scandal happened well over a year ago, Martin should have let the organization know about this, and told just them that he felt threatened.  This would have lead to the team releasing those involved in the off season  because the football season begun, this would have been the best way to avoid distraction. Something that no media outlet has looked at, is the ideology of the management group looking for the best players, rather than best people because of the fact Miami is a medium to small market NFL team, they traditionally when looking for free agents do not really care about a players character.  Examples of this can be traced to Rickey Williams doing Marijuana, as well as Mike Wallace who was their prized free agent acquisition this off season  who had his own off field issues in the previous seasons.

It is believed that the Dolphins are to blame for bringing poor character guys, because Martin fell to the second round in 2011, due to character issues.  On top of that, Incognito was brought in as a free agent in 2010, and he had character issues before as well, which is why the Dolphins are his third team in 7 years. Clearly this particular issue got out of hand, and the blame can be placed on the media, team and players equally.  Do you believe the dolphins are to blame for this becoming out of control? Do you blame the players involved, or even the media?

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2 Responses to Final Creative Blog: Jonathan Martin Scandal, He Is Likely Done With the Dolphins

  1. rbpatriots12 says:

    Honestly, I cant see Johnathan Martin ever playing in the NFL ever again. An NFL locker room is like a brotherhood, if any issues arise they should be handled in house and not out in the media for everybody to see. I cant see another team bringing Martin onto their team and add his distraction to their locker room. especially if they cant trust him to not release any locker room issue to the media. I agree the Dolphins are to blame for bringing in bad character players. Incognito and Pouncey are being portrayed as the ring leaders and although talented have put the time in a bad spot light. The Dolphins should have done a better job monitoring their players in an attempt to eliminate any type of issue like hazing.

  2. I don’t see Johnathan Martin playing for the Miami Dolphins ever again but it is possible for Martin to be given a second chance by another team. Martin has been known to be shy from interaction with other players, refuses to contribute to rookie dinners, and many other things. Richie Incognito was asked by the coaches to try to break Martin’s shell in order to tap into his potential by toughening him up. Unfortunately for Incognito, he may have crossed the line in the eyes of the general public, but Martin doesn’t feel he did anything wrong. In my mind, this whole situation and the suspension of Richie Incognito is an act to make sure hazing and “bullying” in sports doesn’t trickle down into younger stages of athletics. Football locker rooms all probably have stuff like this and needs to be kept quiet from the media. The Dolphins did not do a good job in keeping it quiet and since it surfaced, they were left with no alternative but to suspend Incognito.

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