Alex Rodriguez and the PED Scandal

A-Rod Files Lawsuit, Accuses Commissioner Selig of Cowardice:

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most famous baseball players of the current era due to his amazing seasons with the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees. He put up some really great numbers and many people felt as if he could break the home run record in the MLB. As the years continued, Rodriguez has been in the news over the past few years due to his link to using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). He is currently in line to receive a 211 game suspension from the MLB, which would keep him out of baseball for the entire 2014 season and part of the 2015 season, something Rodriguez is taking to court and filing a lawsuit against the MLB and commissioner of the league, Bud Selig.

Rodriguez walked out of court last week due to feeling like he was in a no win situation and not treated fairly by the MLB and the courts. He called the case against him to be a ‘witch-hunt’ and feels the commissioner is doing everything in his power to keep Alex Rodriguez out of baseball for the rest of his career. Alex Rodriguez also feels mistreated by his own team, the New York Yankees, because Rodriguez feels the Yankees are holding him back from playing in order to keep A-Rod off of the payroll.

In the case against the commissioner, Alex Rodriguez has called the commissioner a coward during this entire scandal and is bringing everything available to him to use against the commissioner, such as a photo he took with a fan that had the word “A-Roid” written across it. Rodriguez feels like he is in a no win situation and the MLB is doing everything they can to suspend him. This entire process began when the off-season began due to Rodriguez appealing his suspension. It is easily the most intriguing appeal in MLB history.

Alex Rodriguez has been linked to PEDs more than once and was listed on the famous Mitchell report. In 2003, Rodriguez did test positive for PEDs. He was never suspended and now with the biogenesis scandal in the MLB, Rodriguez had his name appear on the list of getting PEDs from the biogenesis clinic. This is what the whole case is surrounding. The MLB is very clear about their PED policy and have suspended some big names such as Ryan Braun and Melky Cabrera over the past few seasons. The case of Rodriguez is interesting because this would be the first real suspension for Rodriguez meaning he would receive a 50 game suspension, but due to him being linked to PEDs in the past and testing positive for them in 2003, Bud Selig and the MLB said he will get a 211 game suspension. This is where it gets murky because a second time offender would receive 100 games and then a life time ban if caught a 3rd time.

Rodriguez is arguing he shouldn’t be suspended for this biogenesis scandal until proven guilty but the MLB and Bud Selig want him suspended now due to his past as well. What do you think? Is Bud Selig really trying to get Alex Rodriguez out of baseball or does Alex Rodriguez need to be quiet and accept his suspension?

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3 Responses to Alex Rodriguez and the PED Scandal

  1. tybrewer says:

    I have not followed the A-Rod lawsuit very closely. I lost interest after the other players accepted their suspensions and moved on. I agree that the 211 game number is “murky” based on the standard of 50, 100 and life. PED’s have been a hot topic in baseball for quite some time now. I believe Selig is trying to change the legacy he is creating. With the Hall of Fame shutout and multiple PED busts, Selig has had a rough tenure as MLB commissioner.

  2. deeechong says:

    I agree with your opinion in the sense that Rodrigues just like anything else is innocent until proven guilty. I think A-Rod and the people behind him will definitely beat the MLB and Selig with their attempts to suspension. I hope it happens before this is all over. If he doesn’t win his lawsuit with his responded appeal he will damage the credibility of MLB as well as the Commissioner.

  3. melilloanthony1 says:

    Although A-rod’s career has been tarnished by PED’s and his disrespect for the league and his teammates are evident through this, the mistreatment of the situation by the league has caused more controversy. Many people have agreed with A-rod’s points as there are players in the league that have been proven guilty before their suspensions were implemented; whereas A-rod has not had a chance to prove his innocence in the same manner that other players did. Bud Selig and the MLB are in for a long battle if they are going to persist with the extensive suspension.

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