NHL Broadcasting Rights in Canada

The NHL was a hot topic tuesday with the announcement of broadcasting rights in Canada. Rogers Communications Inc has agreed to a 12-year $5.2-billion deal to be the exclusive national broadcasting rights holder for the NHL in Canada. As part of the deal CBC will continue to broadcast their iconic Hockey Night in Canada, however Rogers retains final editorial rights. This agreement is still subject to approval from the NHL Board of Governors at their December 9-10 meeting. There has been mixed reactions on social media as “9 out of 10 of the trending topics in Canada were related to the NHL and Rogers deal.” Most fans were there to express their disappointment in the deal, though it was mostly centred around mourning the loss of TSN hockey coverage. The real question is how bad is this for the NHL? Or are we as Canadian sports fans so committed to the TSN brand that we cannot imagine them being shutout from hockey on the national level. TSN will retain their regional deals with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets. As well they will be able to increase Hockey Canada coverage, and focus on news, insight and analysis.

I believe hockey fans should be excited for the future of the NHL. The 10-year NBC Sports Group agreement in 2011, paying the NHL approximately $200-million annually, solidified hockey broadcasting in the US. These were both the biggest hockey media deals, and the Rogers-NHL deal “is one of the largest media rights deals ever in Canada, including the largest-ever sports-media rights agreement.” Things are looking up for the NHL and hockey in Canada. While I believe TSN will still remain relevant through insight and analysis.

So my final questions are: What is next for the NHL? Should we as hockey fans be excited for this new agreement? Under the new CBA how will this affect the salary cap and revenue sharing?








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4 Responses to NHL Broadcasting Rights in Canada

  1. jd10sh says:

    Although it is difficult to see what could be the end of TSN and its personalities covering NHL hockey, this move by the NHL and Rogers is a step in the right direction. I remember watching the news conference when it was announced that Bell and Rogers would become the majority stakeholders of MLSE, and one quote that stuck with me was that they were going to “change the way people watched sports.” This deal to me is much more than just hockey being played on Sportsnet and its sister channels. This is a multimedia deal that I truly think will change the way we watch sports. I am no expert in the field, but I truly believe watching sports has now began a path of change. Whether it is good or bad, we will have to wait and see.

  2. ebelahov says:

    This deal may seem negative in our eyes today because of the “loss” of TSN, but the deal also gives viewers a chance to see double the amount of games that they were able to see through different Rogers platforms. Yes, we might be loosing Don Cherry from our Saturday nights, but this deal allows more Canadians to follow more teams through the amount of games that are being offered. So as to your question if I am excited for this new deal, the answer would be yes because I am able to watch 10 different games on Saturday night rather than 5.

    I believe that this deal is a positive one for all NHL teams. It gives the NHL more money to work with regarding gameplay, injury prevention, and innovations around the game. This deal can be viewed negatively in many people’s eyes but in the long run I believe that it is allowing the NHL to grow. In the new deal there every Canadian will be able to watch every other Canadian teams game. This can also result in better broadcasting deals for the United States in the future. Only time will tell to see how good of a deal this really was.


  3. km10sy says:

    This is an incredible deal for everyone in the NHL, players and owners both profit immensely from this. The new deal doubles television revenue from around 190 million a season to 430 million. This ill directly effect the salary cap that is directly linked to revenue. I saw a figure that expects the salary cap to rise from 64 million to nearly 100 million over the course of this Collective Bargaining Agreement and this mainly due to the television deal. I think we the fans profit the most though this will give us the opportunity to watch our favorite teams play more often, hockey will be broadcasted on several channels each night. As others have said before this could be the death of hockey coverage by TSN. But i don’t see it that way TSN will still have coverage over the Olympic Games and the World Juniors. Rogers Sportsnet just made themselves a major competitor in this industry and TSN will be forced to step up their game. Competition is healthy and good for any industry. It seems as though Sportsnet will definitely up their game now that Rogers has invested all this money, I definitely see them upgrading their broadcast.

  4. deeechong says:

    Personally this is going to be a great thing for Hockey and Canada as a whole. As you said “is one of the largest media rights deals ever in Canada, including the largest-ever sports-media rights agreement.” Fan profit is what these organizations need to attract and be most concerned about, bringing the league to a different side of broadcasting will possible create initial excitement and hype. Will it be better as TSN? We will just have to wait and see. But this is definitely a huge exciting deal for Rogers within the sport industry and a step in the right direction for them as a company.

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