“OFFENSIVE” or an offensive lineman

The Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito was allegedly accused for throwing racial slurs and threats to teammate Jonathan Martin back on November 3rd, 2013. It was a lot of locker room talk that was negative, cruel, and disrespectful. He officially was suspended for conduct detrimental violence towards Martin.

Jonathan decided to take matters into the hands into the professionals and took it upon himself onto the “in-active” list of the Miami Dolphins. A little bit after the incident, Martin finally spoke to the press addressed that the situation and stated that he will leave this issue to Stephen Ross, teams owner and president. Ross released his statement to the press stating that, “We believe in being very proactive in this, but the most important thing is we care about Jonathan Martin.”

The Dolphins could not suspend Incognito more than four games, with the initial suspension according to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Earlier this week Incognito met with Ted Wells, and finally came up with an agreement. He agreed with Wells to further extend his suspension, but with pay. Ted Wells is independently working on his own investigation with multiple sources, but until Incognito’s grievance hearing will be postponed.

My question and concerns are now is how can you act upon such negative racial discrimination towards your own teammate and be suspended and still receive pay? Should he still be paid while he is still under investigation? What happens to his contract? Should the Dolphin’s cut him after this act of discrimination?




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2 Responses to “OFFENSIVE” or an offensive lineman

  1. cm10hu says:

    Honestly, this is such an odd situation and not much can be said until the full details are determined; there are so many different sides to it and conflicting reports. Incognito is not in any position that he should be getting paid during this suspension considering the details/texts/reports that have shown him using racial slurs and abusive behavior towards Martin. With that said, did all of this happen in the context that we believe it to have occurred? Many Dolphins players backed up Incognito and stated they were considered “best friends” and Incognito would always be the first to defend Martin. Could this be a case of Martin just not being mentally stable (so to speak) enough for an NFL locker room? Again, this is something that only insiders can sort out.

    -I will add that I by no means support what has been said about Incognito and his treatment of Martin, just responding from a different side.

  2. steveun says:

    It seems like the more this story progresses, the more it becomes conflicting and erie. Incognito was immediately portrayed as a racist monster who did nothing but bully Jonathan Martin, the defenceless Miami Dolphin player. Then we start to find out that Incognito was actually a fairly likeable player on the team and he was accepted by the rest of his African American teammates. It also became apparent that both of these players were good friends. With that being said, of course his actions were intolerable and straight up wrong. His words were incredibly offensive and that is why the organization took action. I do think there is a type of culture in the NFL that we might never understand. Although it may seem wrong, it could also be accepted in the Miami Dolphin locker. As it turns out, Jonathan Martin was put on the non-football illness list which means he will be ineligible for the rest of the current season. At this point, I think there is still a story here that hasn’t fully unravelled.

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