Goodbye to Cherry?

With the new $5.2 Billion broadcasting deal between the NHL and Rogers, is this the end of DOn Cherry. Rogers has the rights to all NHL coverage in Canada, mind you they have given CBC 4 more years of coverage in honour of their 75+ years covering the sport. During these four years Rogers will control the broadcasting, who will be covering the games, and most importantly retain all the profit. Rogers has monopolized the hockey market in Canada by having all exclusive rights to hockey. Meaning that if Don Cherry wants a job he must switch over to Rogers. Scott Moore the president of broadcasting with Rogers has already spoken to Don about future employment and says, “he will sit down with Don, and discuss if he wants to be apart of this.” I personally believe that getting rid of Don Cherry will not do Rogers good because fans love to hear his boisterous opinion and see which tie he is going to wear next. Don Cherry is a character and many people just tune in to “Coach’s Corner” to hear his opinion.

Rogers should use more of Don because even people that do not like him still listen to him because of his comments and opinions. Rogers should let him on air more than he is now because many hockey fans love listening to him. I agree with what the article says by leveraging him out to multiple networks, because wherever Don goes the viewers go as well because every week he has different opinions and comments about the National Hockey League and its player’s and fans love listening to these. Yes, people might be ecstatic that Rogers has this new deal so that Don Cherry will be off television but Don Cherry improves ratings so I do not believe he will be off television. Don Cherry is a “brand” in my eyes and avery good one at that. He speaks the truth and whatever is on his mind and does not care about the “nay-sayers” because he knows his personality is a hit or miss.

What do you think of the new deal regarding Rogers and the NHL? Do you believe that Don Cherry will continue broadcasting? If not, why not?

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8 Responses to Goodbye to Cherry?

  1. It’s a tough call whether or not Cherry will follow with Rogers and getting the Coaches Corner segment to continue. In my opinion, I think he will continue with the CBC coverage, and then quite possibly call it quits after that. You can’t broadcast forever, and his age is certainly up there in terms of TV personalities. A brilliant man, absolutely, but I can’t see him staying on the air much longer than that. Once the CBC’s 4 year deal extension is up, it could be time for a change.

  2. derekdangelo says:

    Obviously the new broadcasting deal between Rogers and the NHL spells trouble for TSN. With Rogers obtaining all the programming rights for the NHL, TSN will be limited on their broadcasts and their future is certainly unclear. In terms of Don Cherry and the Coaches Corner, I believe that he will continue to be broadcasted as CBC has maintained HNIC rights. Whether you like him or not Cherry is an iconic figure in Canada and definitely enhances viewer ratings and I believe he will continue to broadcast as long as he desires.

  3. cgibb77 says:

    Don Cherry is iconic and many Canadians love listening to him and the respect Don has created would be very difficult to replace. But, he cant do it forever, and one day the 1st intermission will have to be filled differently. The deal with rogers creates the debate for Cherrys future. On saturdays segment he addressed the issue and said he has no plans to stop doing what he loves. He also said coaches corner is a good show and you never mess with a good thing acknowledging rogers new input. But when you invest that much money into a deal, rogers will have alot to say and will watch over Cherrys every move. Cherry is such a strong personality because he voices HIS opinions and no one elses. This will create conflict and I think its time for Cherry to retire on his own terms and use his national platform he has created elsewhere.

  4. jr09gx says:

    I really would like to Don continue his broadcasting career. Like you said, he is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to hockey, it would not be wise if Rogers decided his time was up and he should no longer be on television. I think he will continue broadcasting if Rogers does not try and hold him back, I think even though he does say inappropriate things on TV from time to time, he is for the most part right on everything else he says. I do hope that he continues Coaches Corner, because Saturday night hockey will never be the same without him.

  5. After listening to what Don Cherry just said last night on his weekly Coach’s Corner show on Hockey Night in Canada, I believe he made a great point. Despite the fact that Rogers now owns all controls of CBC, and revenue generation for at least the next four years, I think they would be crazy to not have Don Cherry, and Ron MaClean back. It comes down to the old saying “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.” Don Cherry and Ron MaClean, have had a segment called Coach’s Corner in the first intermission of Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday night for so many years. The ratings are sky high, as everyone in Canada loves to hear what Don Cherry says every week, as he voices his very immanent opinion. Rogers communication gets to have all of CBC’s revenue, and can make all editorial decisions, so why not have some of the best talents that bring in the highest ratings, continue on Saturday nights, while providing the money to Rogers now, rather then CBC.

  6. ak08ty says:

    Don Cherry is one of those guys where you either love him or hate him. For myself, I will do my best to boycott all other Rogers product/services if they try to get rid of him. However, what this does is take the power away from CBC, a Canadian Government run broadcast company, and give the power to a private company like Rogers. Just like the situation with the Washington Red Skins, the private company doesn’t need to succumb to pressure by the outside.

    What Don Cherry brings is ratings and that likely will be something that they do not want to lose out on

  7. kl10jb says:

    The majority of hockey fans across Canada do love Donald S Cherry. Grapes has been the face of hockey for North America since 1980 when he was put on live air for the first time. He won’t stop talking about hockey he said until nobody wants to hear him talk. Until that time I believe that Rogers might give him a segment on Saturday nights still. Hes iconic. Not someone you can just throw under the carpet because of a deal involving a lot of money. He will still be around once Rogers takes the reigns,I guarantee it.

  8. nickbutts says:

    After watching last weekend’s edition of Coach’s Corner, it was clear that Don Cherry still wants to continue doing his Saturday night segments even after the Rogers takeover. I believe that if Don Cherry tells Rogers he is still interested in doing Coach’s Corner, Rogers will be open to keeping him on as he could be very profitable to them. I will be shocked if Cherry is forced into retirement as he is too important of a figure to hockey in Canada. As Cherry suggested last weekend Rogers “shouldn’t mess with something good.”.

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