Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Coach and Lead Tackler?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have always had a deep history of rivalries. No matter the circumstances of the game, viewers are always sure to be treated to a smash-mouth game of football, often coming down to the last play. This past American Thanksgiving night, there was nothing short of that expectation. Although the Steelers fell to the Ravens 22-20 on a failed 2 point conversion to tie (as a Steelers fan, I’m bitter…), the conversation seems to be more about Mike Tomlin and a play where he certainly stirred up controversy, as well as stirring up a potential hefty hit to his and the Steelers’ wallets.

The play was during a kickoff return with Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones running the ball back very near the sideline. The play under investigation was not from a player, however, it was from Mike Tomlin, the head coach. Tomlin was standing on the sideline with a foot actually in the field of play while the play was coming near him (he was watching the jumbotron and jumped out of the way at the last second). Regardless of the circumstances, this is a big no-no, and the NFL was swift to jump in and investigate the play.

I am a faithful Steelers fan – have been for years. Needless to say, it’s been a tough season. While I am one to back up my team when people laugh in my face and say they’re a fan of another team, I don’t think I can back Tomlin up on this one. This looks very suspicious to me.

The NFL has handed down strong fines in the past, including a $100,000 fine to a “strength and conditioning coach” who tripped a Miami Dolphins player. The speculation is that it could only be a larger amount for a head coach, someone who represents the team on an integral level. Along with that, the hints of losing a draft pick for the team is in the works. In my opinion? The draft pick might be a little much – the team shouldn’t have to suffer that much in the future because of a bonehead play the coach did which didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. But a large fine? That is acceptable. Maybe the Steelers can get some help on their defence, and if they lose a draft pick, it’s not that bad – they can just hire within the organization.



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3 Responses to Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Coach and Lead Tackler?

  1. derekdangelo says:

    Definitely have to analyze and consider what Mike Tomlin’s intentions were during this play. It appeared that Tomlin reacted in response to Jacoby Jones having a long gain and almost wanted to trip him up to a certain extent. With growing speculation regarding a potential fine and loss of a draft pick for the Steelers the repercussions following Tomlins actions will be heavily debated. Personally I feel a fine is a sufficient consequence for this incident and believe that bring stripped of a top draft pick would be excessive especially when reviewing how the Jets were only fined when their training staff individual intentionally tripped a Dolphins returner.

  2. In my opinion, whether Mike Tomlin was intentionally in the way of the runner Jacoby Jones or not, you must know as a head coach that at the end of the day the players play the game and not you. If it was an accident, then that’s fine, but there still should be a significant fine for this act. This play could have potentially come back to haunt the Baltimore Ravens in this football game. It also could have affected their finish in the regular season, as they currently hold the last playoff spot in a fight for the playoffs. Also, Mike Tomlin could have accidentally created an injury for Jacoby Jones on the play, whom is one of the Ravens best all around players. The Jets assistant athletic trainer intentionally tripped up a Miami Dolphin player last year, and was suspended for the rest of the season, and then released by the Jets. Since this seemed to be more accidental, and fortunately nothing significantly bad came out of this play, I believe Mike Tomlin, will just get a large fine close to $100,000.

  3. steveun says:

    Head coach Mike Tomlin was totally out of line for what he did but as you said, I think the loss of a draft pick for the entire organization would be a little much. The league is considering a six figure fine which is no joke, and If thats what the league chooses to do, I think only Tomlin should be held responsible. Jason Kidd recently made the news for his drink spilling incident and the league came down hard on him for it. They fined him $50,000 because it was him who intentionally spilled the drink. I do think it’s a positive that leagues are coming down hard on their coaches and players, because maybe they will think twice before breaking rules.

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