Ron Burgundy all the Roar

Ron Burgundy made an appearance at Roar of the Rings in Winnipeg on Sunday. Roar of the Rings is a women’s and mens curling tournament and Burgundy (Will Farrell) was used to create exposure and appeal to a new audience. Most will argue that curling is not the most entertaining sport and appeals to an older audience. Using Burgundy in commercials leading up to the event created a media swirl and hyped up the event. I found myself watching the event and to this point in my life, I have watched very little curling. I’m sure there were many people like me.

Burgundy’s appearance is great for the sport and the event especially with the quality and entertaining value he provided. It will be interesting to see how many more viewers tuned in than the average totals. Not only is the appearance good for curling, but Burgundys efforts will have a positive affect when the movie comes out this Christmas. While promoting the event, he was also promoting his movie by playing the character in real life making the agreement a perfect fit. The title sponsor Tim Hortons is also a benifactor from this because they are associated with the event and the added exposure is a bonus for them. One clip showed him enjoying a crueler and complimenting its taste and I am sure this was a planned skit.

Many questions can arise after this unique venture. Will curling gain more viewers, boosting participation levels? It will be interesting to see the true effect this had on the sport and the event. But, negatives can be drawn from this partnership. Having a high power celebrity there may have taken away from the sporting nature and created a gimmick. Some fans and maybe curlers may of felt like they were part of a sideshow and this could affect the true fans of the sport.

I think the partnership was creative and entertaining providing curling a larger platform then before. Some argue differently, but its decisions like this that are different and the most effective. Going forward I argue that more events will marketed using celebrity appearance like that of Burgundy, and this innovative partnership will be the start of the trend.

I will provide a link that shows the job  Burgundy  did at the event for all to enjoy!

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6 Responses to Ron Burgundy all the Roar

  1. jd10sh says:

    Couldn’t agree more cgibb77. A great job by TSN to bring in someone like this for an event that I would not think would be heavily viewed on television. What would be very interesting would be to see the financial implications this has for both TSN, and for the Anchorman 2 movie. Ferrell, pardon me, Burgundy, has travelled throughout the US guest hosting on several different news. Not that I am a movie marketing specialist, but I would have to assume that especially because of the premise of this film as a newscaster, that this tour will do nothing but benefit sales. But beyond that, it truly does put a North American spotlight on our sometimes overlooked sport of curling. So I say kudos to TSN for choosing this event, and kudos to you cgibb77 for taking the time to look at such a hilarious and important part of our curling tradition.

  2. chase6464 says:

    Cool topic! I also am a fan of the celebrity marketing throughout sports and i think it goes to show that sports can utilize this in the future to create attention and buzz around sports lacking viewers attention. Ron Burgundy is a iconic movie figure and partnering with TSN to not only promote his movie but the sport of curling has me believing that we could see this more often. Sports is a great way to promote and market a product, movie, celebrity, etc and i think it helps to amp up the overall fan experience seeing these celebrities at games or having them involved as in the case of Mr. Burgundy. Not sure how it helped the tv ratings but I tuned in to catch a little bit of the action and would love to see it more often.

  3. ericfoster11 says:

    I agree with you for sure, the incorporation of a big time celebrity brought into create a buzz for a sporting event in an attempt to draw more fans. The roar of the rings is a big event in curling because it decides who will be going to the Olympics to represent Canada. This was a beneficial event for both TSN and Ron Burgundy, because TSN was able to draw new fans and Mr. Burgundy was able to promote his new movie. I agree with the other two commenters as well when they talked about how sports is a great way to promote any product, movie or celebrity, it’s a different way of doing it than the usual marketing techniques, and would definitely enjoy to see similar techniques done more often.

    Marked to here Dec. 2. – se

  4. mollymchardy says:

    I definitely agree with you, TSN made a great choice by asking Will Farrell to show up as Ron Burgundy. There was a really big buzz about him making an appearance and I know a lot of people would watch just to see what happens. Seeing him talking and working with the other commentators was enjoyable to watch even for those who may not have seen the first movie. It also really helped to promote the game of curling and bring in a new audience, with Burgundy asking questions about the game it also helped to explain what was going on. This also helped to promote the new movie coming out in a couple weeks.

  5. vbibby says:

    I agree that TSN made a great choice by using Will Farrell as a broadcaster, but i believe it is a short term benefit for the sport. Yes that event got more viewers than it would of got without Wil and it was displayed to a new fan base (which is very beneficial for that event) but I don’t believe the sport in a whole will benefit. I don’t think that the sport will get new consistent viewership. If anything I think it was more beneficial for Will for promoting his new movie coming up. Sport is a great platform to introduce new products to the masses.

  6. nickbutts says:

    TSN has finally found a way to get viewers to tune into curling. This is a unique collaboration between sports and entertainment which gives both curling and the movie Anchorman 2 valuable exposure. Ratings for curling are obviously not flourishing and TSN deserves credit for trying something new, however, I do not see this as being a long-term solution to increasing the popularity of curling. I know I tuned in to see what Ron Burgundy had to say and I am sure several other Canadians did the same, kudos TSN.

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