creative blog: Tom Daley comes out as bi-sexual

Tom Daley, an Olympic diver for team Great Britain came out as being bisexual in a youtube video today (December 2, 2013). Ever since the 2012 summer Olympics he has had his sexuality questioned. In the video he addresses the fact that yes he has had girlfriends, but right now he is currently dating a guy and “couldn’t be happier”. He also states that his family has mixed opinions about this, but are supporting him no matter what. Since this announcement he has received an outpouring of support from fans and celebrities praising him for being so brave to announce this in such a public way.


I feel that now in 2013 ‘coming out’ shouldn’t be the big deal that it is, and the press making it out to be such a huge news spectacle just keeps adding to the stigma of being a gay athlete. To be clear, I do not have any issue with the LGBT community, I support them wholly, but what I mean is that it is not a big deal if a person is straight so why should it be a big deal if they are gay. Sexual orientation does not affect physical performance, and is something that should not even be considered when judging an athletes performance. Tom Daley is an Olympic diving bronze medalist, and I think that is what he should be known for, not that he is a bi-sexual athlete. He is still a world-class athlete and that is something that will not change no matter who he is dating.



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