Is McDavid Too Young for World Juniors?

Will the success story continue into the new year for Erie Otter star forward Connor McDavid? Born in 1997, McDavid has produced a staggering amount of points at an early age which lead him to receive exceptional status into the OHL last year. Since then he has proved to scouts and players around the league that he has talent beyond his years, and can compete against players far older and bigger than him. This recognition has led McDavid to become Canada’s second (Sidney Crosby being the first)16 year old player to play at the World Junior Hockey Tournament.

Some of the competition are upwards of 4 years older than Connor McDavid which could be a danger to the potential first overall draft pick. Is it too early to have McDavid represent Canada? He might fair well like Crosby did considering his talents, but there is a greater chance of injury when a forward has such an experience disadvantage. McDavid will have many years to return to the IIHF tournament, and will surely be far more ready to play and compete on the world stage in years to come. Furthermore, on the ice McDavid will be a direct target for many big defensemen. I simply don’t understand Hockey Canada’s rush to get McDavid out there and in the publics eye.

He has played internationally at the under 18 hockey tournament, but is nothing like the World Juniors. With millions of people watching McDavid has pressure on him, and as a young teenager I believe that’s not necessary at that age. His statistics in the OHL thus far are tremendously impressive and make me believe he has a chance of success at the World Juniors. The only thing is risking his safety too early…to let him gain a few more years (even a year) would help him in the tournament. sixteen is just too young, its that simple.

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3 Responses to Is McDavid Too Young for World Juniors?

  1. danmckeen says:

    It is a questionable debate, but this isn’t the second time that Team Canada has had a 16 year old on their World Junior roster. Sidney Crosby was actually the fifth 16 year old to compete, making McDavid the sixth, and with the past success the players had who did compete at their age I would say it is definitely worth it to gain the experience of playing at this level. Wayne Gretzky, Eric Lindros, Jason Spezza, and Jay Bouwmeester all competed at 16 years old before Sidney Crosby did. All of these players ended up getting drafted first overall or top 5, so the experience definitely helped them. You can only play in the tournament until you are 20 years old, so the more years playing in the tournament, the better chances of achieving a gold medal for your country.

  2. nickbutts says:

    Connor McDavid has been in the spotlight since he has been in Peewee and must surely be used to the spotlight by now. Hockey Canada’s goal is to submit the best possible team consisting of junior aged players that can be assembled. McDavid has been stellar to say the least so far this season and if he is deemed to be worthy of a position on Canada’s World Junior team, I believe he should be given the opportunity. We cannot discriminate against McDavid because of his age and if he makes the team he will have deserved it.

  3. ja03xj says:

    McDavid will be amongst the youngest ever to play at the world jr but his physical and skill levels are years ahead of his age. everyone develops differently and McDavid has the opportunity to be the best player for Team Canada. His play in the OHL confirms the wise decision to grant the exceptional player status to him by Hockey Canada. We need to look at skill and physical development more instead of age.

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