Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cheating (creative)

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the new prescribed way of how males that are older and with low testosterone levels can increase their testosterone levels. This can be done through injections, pellets, patches or gels. Besides raised levels of testosterone TRT can result in increased muscle mass, sharpen memory and concentration, boost libido, and improve the users energy levels. TRT is not just used by aging men who need to increase their testosterone levels but is also used for males who have hypogonadism which is a disease where the body is unable to produce normal amounts of testosterone. as well it is even use by some athletes, particularly older male athletes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. although TRT has only been around for a couple of years it is already causing debates in the UFC and could even cause issues in other professional sports/ leagues.

In a sport that involves aggression and stamina TRT is a huge key for success for older fighters. There levels must be up the medical standard but this allows them to fight at the same level of younger fighters and with top competition. Some people refer to this as cheating where as others look at it as “leveling” the playing field to make it equal. Some people also believe it is just an excuse for fights who in the past took steroids and now that they are off of it their levels are low. Certain athletic commissions allow it, while others do not. A fighter right now who is getting a lot of critizem around this issue is former light heavy weight champion Vitor Belfort. Vitor was fighting in the UFC at the age of 19 back when it was just starting to develop. Vitor has always been know for his devastating knock out power even before using TRT. However Vitor’s last 4 fights have ended in knockouts but in such lethal fashion that people are questioning his skills and his right to fight for the belt because of his TRT use. The UFC is aware of their athletes TRT use and test them regularly to make sure their testosterone levels are at the medical level. Many fighters do not care about the issue but some think it is extremely unfair about extending a fighter’s abilities using a performance enhancing substance. Does this use of TRT stain Vitor Belfort’s legacy?

This a question to think about. But what I think we should all think about is what if TRT was allowed in all sports. This would mean athletes who are old and getting to the end of their career could keep going a bit longer. Personally I do not believe Vitor is cheating because he is constantly being tested making sure everything is at the levels they are suppose to be. However in some senses i do believe though that TRT is wrong and does change professional sports in a big way. Although my two statements contradict themselves TRT is a very interesting subject that can be analyzed and debated on. At what point will TRT go to far and tarnish professional sports?


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