Kidd Makes Headlines Once Again, Should Anyone Be Surprised?

Brooklyn Net’s Head coach Jason Kidd made headlines again recently for “intentionally” spilling a drink on the court, to buy his team more time at the end of a game. Brooklyn was trailing the LA Lakers with just over 8 seconds left in the fourth quarter and Net’s player Tyshawn Taylor bumped into Kidd, causing him to drop his drink. The game was delayed, which allowed Kidd to draw up a play for his team. They were unsuccessful in their comeback attempt, but it was his actions that gave them a chance to come back in the game. He claimed the spill was accidental, but TV replays showed us that Kidd intentionally told Taylor to bump into him.

The league fined Kidd $50,000 for this incident, but what’s really concerning,  is that Kidd made headlines on more than just this occasion already. He was suspended two games by the league for driving under the influence in July and he has a history of bad behavior as a player. Kidd’s actions are inexcusable for a 1st year head coach in the NBA and he should be given a tighter leash by the league. He’s not as a young and naïve player anymore, and there should be no excuses. Instead of lying, he should have apologized to the fans, the NBA and the Brooklyn Nets organization immediately.

I imagine that a head coaching position in any sport is difficult to attain and that a professional sports league such as the NBA has expectations for their players and coaches. Shouldn’t the NBA come down harder on Kidd, perhaps suspend him a few games so he can understand the message? To many people, this isolated incident doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in the long run I bet we’ll see the name “Jason Kidd” appear in the news very shortly. The league also has a reputation to uphold and It doesn’t reflect well on the NBA if he is allowed to continue on this path. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the season unfolds for Kidd and the Brooklyn Nets, but something tells me history will repeat itself.


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