MLB Protective Headgear for Pitchers

Major League Baseball (MLB) is currently dealing with the issue of pitchers being struck in the head from a baseball. This issue is a hot topic surrounding the MLB in which people are looking for a solution. The solution people are looking for is for the MLB to come up with a policy for pitchers to wear mandatory protective headgear to prevent injuries to the head. Only batters in the MLB are required to wear helmets during the game which creates another debate on why they are only required to wear helmets instead of the pitchers as well. Anything can happen once the batter makes contact with the ball and with the pitchers throwing so hard, it makes the ball come off the bat even harder. Many MLB pitchers are on board with making protective headgear an option for pitchers, including pitcher Brandon McCarthy. Brandon McCarthy was the first pitcher to get hit in the head with a line drive, which started the discussion of how to protect pitchers’ heads during the game. Brandon McCarthy was struck in the head by a line drive in September of 2012 in Oakland. McCarthy through his pitch and the batter hit a hard line drive to McCarthy’s head, with no chance of protecting himself. McCarthy suffered severe head injuries, including a seizure and a concussion, which prompted the MLB to quickly discuss solutions to this on-going problem. After McCarthy’s injury, it seemed to start a trend for pitchers. Last year, the MLB sustained 3 injuries to pitchers heads. These 3 pitchers were J.A. Happ, Doug Fister, and Alex Cobb, in which 2 out the 3 were taken off in a stretcher and missed a significant amount of the season.  Pitchers are jeopardizing their careers by not wearing some kind of protection on their heads. McCarthy was lucky to walk away with the injuries he sustained and was lucky to pitch again in the MLB. These injuries will continue to happen unless the MLB can introduce protective headgear for pitchers.

Many people ask what type of protection MLB pitchers would wear. MLB pitchers would be required to wear some sort of padding underneath their ball hats that prevents serious injuries to the brain. This protective helmet would have to meet the pitchers requirements as they would not want to wear equipment that will jeopardize their pitching. These protective headgears will need to be light and durable so pitchers feel the same as they did without wearing the protective headgear. Also, players have to come to an agreement whether they should allow protective headgear to be worn in the MLB. Pitchers rely on their stats and care about winning, and if protective headgear alters there pitching, they may have no choice than to say no to the mandatory protective headgear.

Should the MLB adapt this policy for pitchers to wear mandatory protective headgear?


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