NHL Concussion Lawsuits

Recently, the NFL reached a settlement of $765 million to compensate more than 4500 former athletes suffering from dementia and other brain disorders they blame on the violent collisions that pro football celebrates in its highlight reels. In light of this, a lawsuit had been filed against the NHL by more than 200 former players. Don Cherry had two words to describe a lawsuit against the NHL from players who said they suffered concussions — money grab.

The fact is that these players are attempting to sue a league that they craved to play in their entire lives, and that paid them salary to do so. Every athlete who participates in a high intensity sport such as hockey should be well aware of the inherent risk they are taking. It isn’t just the contact aspect of the sport that makes it this way, accidents can happen, such as the Steven Stamkos injury just a couple weeks ago.

It draws some suspicion also that the lawsuit was filed very soon after hearing about the success of the NFL players. Many believe that some of these players are not actually upset with the league or the policies that were in place, and that they have just seen the financial reward that they could possibly gain by participating in the lawsuit.

The issue arises that the players should have been aware of the risks they were taking when deciding to pursue a career as a professional athlete. In the case of the NFL, the players argued that the league understood the dangers of concussions much earlier, however never took the proper steps to make it safer for the players. This has not yet arisen in the case with the NHL and therefore the case might be much more difficult to win than the case with the NFL.
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Money+grab+Cherry+critical+concussion+lawsuit+against/9233096/story.html#ixzz2mNXyKBb4

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One Response to NHL Concussion Lawsuits

  1. nickbutts says:

    I believe that the NHL players who are heading this lawsuit do not have an argument here. They knew the risks of hockey and assumed those risks when they signed their contracts to play in the NHL. They could have left any time if they felt the game was too dangerous but they did not. In the end, I believe both sides will settle outside of court but for much less money than the NFL deal. The NHL does not need the bad press and will likely make a move early on, however, if this lawsuit does make it to court I am afraid that the players will not be successful.

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