NHL Goalie Allowed to Continue on Bond

As most are already aware of, Semyon Varlamov of the Colorado Avalanche had turned himself in following an incident that occurred on October 30th this year. Varlamovs girlfriend in the alleged accusations had reported that Semyon had attacked her in her apartment after a heated altercation which then led the NHL superstar goalie knocking her down with a kick, stomp her chest, and eventually drag her by her hair.

Varlamovs most recent apperance in court (today) resulted in the judge allowing him to remain free on bond while facing domestic charges. The bond is $5000 and has allowed Varlamov to continue to travel with the team and compete in games. This incident can be compared to a recent incident in the NFL involving Aldon Smith who played just a few days after a D.U.I charge. Although there is no policy in place for a convicted player to miss NHL games, is it morally correct to suit up a player who has committed a crime and could be facing two years in jail because of it? I guess it comes down to the power authority in the organization making the decision to play Varlamov who is their number one goalie and has been stellar leading them to victory after victory singe the alleged altercation.

Now Varlamov is not yet proven guilty so therefore in my mind i think that he should be aloud to play as the investigators look further into the allegations and can determine guilt or not. If i am a rival of the Colorado Avalanch and Varlamov is winning games against the teams i cheer for maybe i think differently, What do you think?

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2 Responses to NHL Goalie Allowed to Continue on Bond

  1. brendanmccardle says:

    It’s not so much the teams Varlamov is playing that should be wondering about his playing time but the NHL in general. Varlamov is being linked to serious allegations which can negatively affect the image of the NHL. I can’t help but wonder the implications of such allegations if Varlamov were playing in a different league. I would argue it has gone largely unnoticed in the NHL since it first happened (allegedly). Maybe this is just a reflection of the fact that the NHL ranks lower in popularity among the other professional sports in the United states and therefore it isn’t getting the attention that similar stories in other sports might get in American sports reporting. It shouldn’t go unreported though, forgetting about it indicates that we’re accepting of this behaviour – and that shouldn’t be the case.

  2. tmills17 says:

    I believe that the NHL has to let the player play until proven guilty. Until Varlamov is convicted it seems unfair to disallow him from participating based on what could have just been allegations. The Colorado Avalanche have a significant amount of money invested in their starting goalie, which is especially important due to the success they have been having this year. Varlamov was allowed out on a bond, as long as he obeyed some specific rules such as no contacting his girlfriend, no bearing arms etc. Although people may not agree with this, it is the law that he is innocent until proven guilty.

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