coming out of the closest to being a role model

Tom Daley, who is a British Olympic Gold Medalist Diver just announced today through a youtube video that he is now in a relationship with a man. With the video now have well over 2 million views in less than 24 hours of it being up, it has been the talk on social media and has been broadcasted around the world as top news today. In the 5 minute long video, Daley he made some key points that are worth noting, about how he was always asked who he was dating constantly and how in resent interviews his words have been twisted around. That being said, he thought making a public video like this for the world to see would hold the real truth.

Although Tom Daley said that he is currently dating a male, he stated that he “still fancies girls.” he is currently happier than he has ever been. And with posting this video it has given Daley a role model status. Amiaechi who was the first NBA player to come out of the closest made a very good point stating “He’s an entertainer, as well as being a sportsperson, as well as being a personality. He’s an important role model for the LGBT community.” Being able to come out in such a public yet intimate way gives Tom Daley the respect that he has longed for with it comes to the press. Having that positive role model who so happened to be a very well known athlete come out of the closest will hopefully help others who are struggling to find themselves with saying its going to be okay, and that its going to get better.


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