Governance (Critical Blog) – 2nd blog September 23 – Oct 28 correction

Governance is said to be one of the most important factors in eliminating poverty and promoting development. Governance is best defined as the process or action of governing an organization to enhance the importance of decisions and further better the organization. It has become a crucial topic as evidence continues to prove that it plays a role in societal well-being.

The following fundamental questions will be touched on because they play an important within governance and the concepts required:

•            What are the characteristics of good governance?

•            Are there universal principles of good governance? If so, what are they?

•            Where do these principles come from?

•            In applying such principles what quality of detail do we need?

•            What particular criteria are necessary to build governance?

Good governance consists of five principles and they are as follows: legitimacy and voice, direction, performance, accountability and fairness. By grouping these five principles, it will still overlap or conflict at some point. The principles have the privilege to universal recognition. The universal set of principles for defining good governance can be said to lie within the large extent on the international human rights and laws, which also deal with current governance challenges. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) developed the five principles of good governance. Applying the principles is complex and needs a fair amount of detail. Without attention to detail and quality information, the principles will be left incomplete. With that being said, all principles must be applied because they complete the full criteria to build governance and be able to correctly govern the organization. Governance needs to be fully understood so that there is no miscommunication. The five principles can only be used properly and efficiently when the means and ends of governance is understood.




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