Officials Erred in Mix-Up Near End of Giants Game

It feels like I am always the one to dispute officiating errors, but as these issues continue to increase, perhaps my views will be taken into better consideration. On the most recent episode of Sunday Night Football, the Giants and Redskins squared off. Through a tight nit, close game, the Giants led by a touchdown as the time ticked down on the Redskins. After a second down play was led close to the first down marker, the head official marked for third down, while the linesmen and flagsmen all moved as if it was a first down. The Redskins believed they had a first down on the next play, so they through a deep ball that was incomplete. Now for the drama. Head official marks for fourth down and all linesmen and officials go along as if they had not made the error. The Redskins were then forced into a fourth down situation to which the Giants intercepted.

Once again we see an outcome of a game being altered by the officials. Had the Redskins known they had a third and short, they would have not made a try down the field and simply got the yardage, the game would continue. There are always ‘what ifs’ and in my opinion, that is unacceptable. Officials need to converse constantly and keep constant checks on all aspects they must officiate in the game. How did none of the officials realize that half though it was 3rd down and the other half first down. To me, that is something that would happen in a High School game, not on the top featured professional game on Sunday night.

It may feel like I am ranting but it gets frustrating when your so passionate for equality in sport and the officials take that privilege away and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. What can be done to completely eliminate this issue? Would it be possible to have a head official in every sport that sits in each stadium and watches all replays right away. The head official can then radio down to the in-action official to correct the error. This may cause time loss and be controversial at first, but measures can be taken to improve upon it to make it work.

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