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Today the Canadian World Junior Championship selection camp roster was released which includes twenty-five Canadian hopefuls looking to crack an opening day roster spot in Malmo, Sweden on Boxing Day.  The selection camp will be hosted in Etobicoke, Ontario and consists of fifteen forwards, eight defensemen and two goaltenders, in which two forwards and one defensemen will have to be cut to make the final roster. 

There are many notable players that cracked the selection camp roster such as Jonathan Drouin, Matthew Dumba, Aaron Ekbald, Sam Reinhart and Connor McDavid.  Drouin was the third overall pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, Dumba was a first round pick in the same draft, but is the only player currently on an NHL roster. Ekbald and Reinhart are two of the top prospects getting set for the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, and Connor McDavid is the very highly touted prospect that is expected to go first overall in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

However, what is so important about this twenty-five man selection camp roster is how it is changed from how it was done previously. In the past Hockey Canada had given out forty camp invitations to skaters and another four to goaltenders. I assume that the reasoning behind the smaller selection camp roster size, is to give Hockey Canada and coach Brent Sutter a better look at the players that were named to this roster, but also for the players to become a closer, tight knit group.  However, there is still nineteen less invitations that got sent out, and I ask you if you think it is fair for Hockey Canada to do this?



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2 Responses to Team Canada World Junior Championship Selection Camp Roster Shrinkage – Creative Blog

  1. ja03xj says:

    strongly disagree with Hockey Canada doing this. The only way to form a great team is put them together and by leaving so many players at home there wont be many battles to make the team. Goaltending has been a weakness and additional invites should have been handed out, competition is the key for success and with everyone virtually guaranteed a slot on the team there is little competition. The talent levels of a 3rd and 4th liner on Team Canada is very comparable to the players left off. its sad we wont be having competitive battles for the coveted slot on Team Canada.

  2. jd10sh says:

    I am agree with your analysis of this situation completely. I too have seen selection camp rosters balloon to 35-40 players. There is obviously the aspect of competition for positions that develops when there is this surplus, but as you mentioned it is difficult to form cohesion. Do I agree with this move? I don’t know. But what I do agree with is change, especially with the gold drought this program has experienced. I think with a 25 player camp, it leaves Sutter and his staff more time to teach and implement systems rather than identifying talent and selecting a team. It must be remembered that Hockey Canada pumps quite a bit of capital into this specific program, as well as full time personnel who scout these players throughout the season. The only thing that confuses me is the omission of a 3rd goalie, bot from a competition aspect but rather an emergency situation because the tournament his help in Europe.

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