Teams need to get serious with criminal players

This fall the intersection of sports and criminal behaviour have mixed again and sadly teams and schools seem to lack the integrity to take a stand. In October Colorado Avalanche starting goalie was arrested for brutally attacking his girlfriend, while the case has yet to be brought to trial the Avalanche have done something in a form of a punishment, just telling him no more alcohol. What message does this send if your a important athlete you can get away with assaulting people?

Even schools are scared to take action for fear of losing millions in revenue. Florida State is on the verge of playing in the BCS national championship game where the two teams each receive a $22million payout and countless publicity. The starting quarterback and probable Hesiman trophy winner has been accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student. Police have dragged their feet according to media reports and the victim says she was warned that “this is a big football town”. Imagine being a female student or a parent of one, elite athletes seem to be above the law. The school is willing to give up morals for the precious Crystal ball and win the Championship.

The New England Patriots showed that sometimes you need to take a stand in these situations. Before Aaron Hernandez was arrested and the situation was looking grim they cut the Pro Bowl tight end and one of the most important and valuable members of the team. Criminal behaviour wont be tolerated by the Patriots organization. Finally at a significant costs they allowed fans to return Hernandez jerseys free of charge for a new jersey.

More organizations need to act the Patriots, sometimes its just not worth it giving up your moral compass to win.

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