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O’Bannon a Trendsetter for the NCAA

The recent policy analysis I completed in SPMA 4P91 was based on amateurism, impermissible benefits and athlete compensation in the NCAA. So it was fitting to come across this news article and compare it to some of the points made … Continue reading

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From Manziel to Wiggins: It is time to start paying NCAA Athletes

Creative Response Blog $100 million? For an 18 year-old kid who hasn’t even played an NCAA game yet? Pretty ridiculous, right? Wrong. The debate as to whether or not NCAA athletes should receive compensation for their services is ever growing, … Continue reading

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LeBron James Mixes Politics and Sports like a Cold Drink on a Friday Night

Critical Response Blog to Zirin’s ‘Game Over’ There is an old adage that reads something like “politics and sports should never mix.” Even the book Game Over, written by established sports writer Dave Zirin references this proverb. But why not, … Continue reading

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