Video Replay MLB

Only a few weeks ago baseballs owners elected to institute video replay into the game.  However at this time no one not even the owners who elected to institute this technology knows how it will work.  There have been no decisions made to what extent the technology be used for, for example will it be used for only pitching, how about calling a player safe or out.  Also how often will this technology be used, will we see it correcting umpires at every turn or will it be used like the challenge system in which football and tennis have implemented?

In my opinion baseball needs to use this technology the same way football and tennis have implemented video replay with the challenge system.  Using the challenge system allows for the umpires to continue to do their job with little intrusion.  We do not need to see umpires being overturned constantly by video replay.  However with the challenge system those obvious mistakes can be rendered.  The umpires are only human and do make mistakes but overturning their every call will just make the game look silly.

Video replay can be used to benefit the game.  But it is not long before the season starts, so the owners and players must agree to rules of this system soon.  Hopefully for the good of everyone involved they do not over implement the system and ruin the game.  Baseball needs to find a way to implement the system, hopefully in a way that will not ruin the roots of the game.

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3 Responses to Video Replay MLB

  1. mattgraham99 says:

    I agree that video replay is needed in the MLB and this coach’s challenge system is an excellent way for them to expand their current system. In the end the most important thing is that the right call is made in order to ensure fair play. A challenge system that allows 1-3 challenges will allow managers to seek replays on controversial calls while not completely disrupting the flow of the game. What myself and most sport fans are afraid of is replays taking too much time and ruining games/ making games last too long. With limited challenges it will allow only game changing calls to be challenged and reviewed which the traditional sport fan will appreciate. In my opinion as long as instant replay doesn’t go as far as challenging balls and strikes, the MLB is heading in the right direction.

  2. mt10xn says:

    The MLB has actually set up a plan to have both teams have 2 challenges from the start of the game until the end of the 6th, then from the 7th until the end of the game, both teams will be awarded one additional challenge. I believe that this is great for the game of baseball. Umpiring errors are increasing year after year. Implementing video replay challenging will effectively eliminate these errors by officials and leave the outcome up the players on the field. To add to the time factor, replays are estimated to take between 2-4 minutes and will not require the officials to leave the field. The crew chief will be given a radio headset linked to an outside source that will review the replay and make the final decision that will be relayed and announced on the loud speakers by the crew chief.

  3. smcfarlane1 says:

    I am a avid baseball fan who has long sought that video replay of some magnitude should be instituted into the game in order to rectify error decisions. I believe that this new rule is a great addition to the game and will help avoid all the ridiculous calls that have been made over the last couple of years. However, with the implementation and use of this rule, given all the factors involved in the rule, don’t you think that this would slow down the game quite a bit, considering the game already gets put on hold when the umpires do video replay to determine whether a questionable homerun is one? If not used, a total of 6 challenges in total seems like a lot considering most MLB games already get broadcasted for about 3 hours. What does that do for other scheduled programs when the game finishes in regulation but went too long because of repeated challenges from each side?

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