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Officials Erred in Mix-Up Near End of Giants Game

It feels like I am always the one to dispute officiating errors, but as these issues continue to increase, perhaps my views will be taken into better consideration. On the most recent episode of Sunday Night Football, the Giants and … Continue reading

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Reflecting the Public Value of Sport (Brookes & Wiggan, 2009) (Critical Response)

After reading this journal, I came across a concept that jarred me and thought I would discuss why. When the authors attempt to link public value to sport, they talk about combining intrinsic values with institutional values in order to … Continue reading

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L.P.G.A Tour will admit 16 year old – The New York Times (creative response)

This article presented Lydia Ko, a young 16 year old girl from South Korea who is ranked among the best women in the world. The only thing holding her back from competing amongst the best was her age – until … Continue reading

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